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COVID-19 – Latest MDX updates and FAQs
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I want to know more about self-care

Student Health Guide

The Student Health Guide gives a great introduction to self-care, managing your health, and gives you information on MDX and MDXSU support available to keep you thriving.

A webinar on keeping well

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to self-care, particularly if you are a new student at Middlesex! Watch this short video with Vanessa, our Student Wellbeing Coordinator, as she runs you through a checklist of wellbeing to-dos.

A webinar on loneliness

It’s normal to feel lonely sometimes. Watch this 45 second clip on loneliness, then watch this longer webinar with Student Wellbeing Coordinator Vanessa and MDX postgraduate student and communications team member Evana on how to manage loneliness at university and ways in which self-care can help.

A webinar on time management

If you are finding it hard to balance multiple responsibilities, you are not alone! Perhaps self-care for you better organising your time and saying 'no' to additional responsibilities? Watch this webinar with Student Wellbeing Coordinator Vanessa and MDX postgraduate student and communications team member Evana on how effectively managing your time and hear their top tips:

Wellbeing apps and platforms

There are a number of wellbeing apps and platforms that MDX has invested in to support you to look after your wellbeing.

You have free and exclusive access to Fika, a mental fitness app. It's designed to be used for a few minutes each day to maintain and develop your mental fitness skills: confidence, positivity, focus, connection, meaning, motivation and stress management.

You also have exclusively free access to Togetherall, an online support platform that gives you the opportunity to connect emotionally and anonymously with others, in a safe forum with 24/7 moderation by trained professionals. Togetherall is great if you want a ‘deeper dive’ into your mental health and wellbeing.

UNIHEADS is a 20 minute online mental health training course. You’ll learn how to look after yourself, how to support a friend, and how to stay well in light of COVID-19.

Miindset is an app which has been made free for university students. It is designed to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing by giving you tailored mental health and wellbeing content thanks to the Miindset Wellness Checker and clever AI. You can take your personalised support with you anywhere, with zero wait time, whenever you need it. Miindset is on a mission to change mental health and wellbeing provision amongst the global student population.’

All these apps and platforms can be used independently to help you to stay feeling at your best through your time at MDX, or in conjunction with formal therapeutic support. Find out more about the platforms and how to access them.

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