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Academic Advisors

We’re passionate  about supporting you to reach your potential. One of the ways we do this is by each student having a named Academic Advisor (formerly known as Academic Advisors). for the whole period of their programme. This way you get to build a relationship with a member of the teaching team who can get to know you and support you in making the most of your time at university. This includes not only providing you with academic guidance and support but also pointing you to any social and professional opportunities.

Academic advisor's are organised by your Department and therefore may operate slightly differently across the University.

  • What can I expect from my academic advisor?

A constant point of contact

Throughout your time at Middlesex your academic advisor will be your point of contact to help you through the challenges and celebrations of your academic progress.

Help with settling into life at Middlesex

Your academic advisor can provide support and guidance in those initial weeks as well as your progress through the coming years, helping to point out the opportunities available to you.

Regular meetings to discuss your progress

You will have the opportunity to meet with your academic advisor at specific points in the year but you can also contact them at any point outside of your scheduled meetings.

  • What is expected of me?

To engage

You will be given the opportunity to meet with your academic advisor within the first few weeks of your studies and in each academic term. Your academic advisor appointments are as important as your timetabled sessions and it is up to you to attend and engage.

You’re expected to turn up to all appointments; your Academic Advisor cannot guide you if you fail to attend  your appointments.

Don’t wait – be proactive

You should contact your advisor if you feel your studies are not going well or are concerned about upcoming exams, coursework or results.

It’s really important you don’t let these issues become any worse and instead proactively contact your academic advisor as early as possible so that you can be given appropriate guidance and support.

It’s also important that you come to your tutorials prepared – this is your chance to get the most out of your meetings so that you can do best you can while at university – your academic advisors will not do the work for you.

  • How do I contact them?

You can access your academic advisor’s email address through the key contacts tile in MDXapp or by logging into your account on myUniHub.

  • What are the benefits of having a Academic Advisor?

By regularly meeting with your academic advisor you’ll be able to:

  • make the most out of your university life with a greater awareness of all the opportunities and support services open to you
  • if you’re a new student: understand what is expected of you at university and how that differs with the way you learnt in your previous school/ college or other academic environment
  • understand what you need to do to achieve your best academically
  • consider more thoroughly your future options with regards to postgraduate study/career opportunities
  • have a personalised 1:1 or group session with an academic who can focus on your needs and individual situation to help you get the most out of your time

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