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Our LGBTQIA+ community

We value all our staff and students equally, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and transgender status.

Coming to university is an exciting and liberating time, but you may be feeling anxious about your identity. Perhaps you are not ‘out’ to your peers, perhaps you aren’t ready, perhaps you don’t have the support of your family. Perhaps you are ‘out and proud’! Either way, we want you to know that at #TeamMDX we accept you just as you are.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, however you identify. We understand that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Assexual and Intersex (LGBTQIA+) students may face additional challenges during their time at university.

On this page you will find all of the ways you can connect with like-minded peers, practical and administrative advice, and support available.

Read our Equality and Diversity Policy

  • Practical and administrative support

Changing gender markers

If you would like to change any gender markers (title, pronouns, name) on MDX systems, or to change your ID card, please put your request in writing to Unihelp.

Getting time off

If you need time off for medical appointments or surgery, you should try to schedule these outside of your university hours.

However, where this is not possible, you should give as much notice as possible to your academic tutors so that they can best support you to remain up to date. For example, by sending lecture slides and recommended reading to you ahead of time.

You should be mindful of the implications of any time off required around deadlines or assessments.

You may find it useful to have a conversation with an adviser in the Progression and Support team if you are considering making changes to your study to accommodate any surgery.

If you are an international student, you should also speak with the International Student Advice Team for information around visas and immigration.

Student Trans Policy

Middlesex is proud to have created a policy for supporting trans students in collaboration with our students’ union. View the policy here

Gender neutral toilets

Trans and non-binary people have the right to use single-sex toilets and changing rooms appropriate to their self-identified gender.

However, we recognise that some trans and non-binary people (and others) feel more comfortable using gender-neutral toilets. You can find a list of gender-neutral toilets on campus below:

Grove Building

  • Grove A: GG22, G117 & G211
  • Grove B: G270

College House

  • Ground floor (entrance foyer)

For students with placements abroad

If you are on a course with placement elements abroad, we would encourage you to be mindful of cultural factors. Unfortunately, in some areas of the world there is still open discrimination and harassment around people who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Before proceeding with any placement abroad, all students need to complete a risk assessment which will flag this as a potential concern. Discuss this with your Programme Leader as early as possible so that arrangements can be made and you are appropriately safeguarded.

Where possible, alternative arrangements will be offered to you.

  • Emotional and wellbeing support

Self-help resources

You can utilise a number of online wellbeing platforms to support your mental health. Fika, Togetherall and UNIHEADS are all available for free and we encourage you to use them to support your wellbeing during your studies.

  • Fika is a mental fitness app designed to be used for a few minutes daily.
  • On Togetherall, a web-based support platform, you can contribute to forum posts and express yourself creatively.
  • UNIHEADS is a 20 minute mental health training course to brush up on your skills and self-care.

Flick through the digital Student Health Magazine for articles on student health and wellbeing.

We also have a number of health and wellbeing e-books on various topics including mental health, physical health, confidence, self-esteem and more. You can find these in the Thrive LibGuide.

Middlesex University Students’ Union (MDXSU)

MDXSU LGBTQ+ Liberation Group provides support, runs events and brings together like-minded people. The MDXSU LGBT group is open to any students who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community or as an ally.

The group provides a space for meeting other people, sharing experiences and creating change on campus. Throughout the year, the group run a variety of virtual and in person events and meetings for both members and allies.

MDXSU Advice Service offers free, confidential and independent advice to students. They offer support on a range of academic issues and also provide guidance for non-academic issues.

Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor is your constant point of contact through your time at Middlesex, and you should feel comfortable speaking with them about your experiences.

They are available to help you to settle into life at Middlesex, provide you with pastoral and academic support, and will meet with you regularly.

If you are not yet sure who your Personal Tutor is, you can find this on the MDXapp in the ‘key contacts’ tile.

Counselling and Mental Health

The Counselling and Mental Health team can support you if you require additional support with your mental health.

You can request a one-off virtual conversation with a member of the team to discuss a challenge or something you are struggling with, or you can refer yourself for ongoing support.

Middlesex University LGBT+ Network

The University has an active LGBT+ Network which is open to all LGBTQIA+ staff, friends and students.

Throughout the year the group organises frequent events and activity (currently online due to COVID-19), from coffee mornings and quiz nights to women-only spaces for self-defining women and non-binary people to chat informally.

The group marches in the Pride in London parade, along with friends and allies of the group, and also gets involved in community pride celebrations, such as Middlesex Pride and UK Black Pride.

To find out more about the LGBT+ Network, you can check out their Twitter and their Facebook group, read their blog, and sign up to the mailing list. You can also read about how they are staying connected online with our #TeamMDX community.

Changing the Culture Initiative (CCI)

CCI is a university-wide programme which has been set up to tackle violence, harassment and hate.

This programme has driven a number of projects which have raised the profile of LGBTQIA+ issues.

These include some student-made films including this one from the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries on LGBTQIA+ hate crimes:

Reporting bullying, harassment or hate crime

We take any allegation of anti-LGBTQIA+ discrimination and harassment by students and staff extremely seriously. We don't tolerate any kind of hate crime, including homophobia and transphobia.

According to Stonewall’s LGBT in Britain Universities report, 22% of lesbian, bisexual and gay students and 60% of students who identify as trans have faced negative comments from other students whilst at University. These comments can have a negative impact on students’ university experience and have a detrimental effect on their mental health and engagement with their course.

Speak up

The most important thing you can do in these situations is to speak up. You can find out more about hate incidents and hate crimes on this helpsheet including where to report any such instances on social media, or regarding an incident that does not involve another member of the #TeamMDX community.

University staff will also challenge any negative comments that they witness, referring back to the University’s Equal Opportunities policy and Student Conduct and Discipline rules.

Let someone know

If you witness or experience any such incident, especially which involves a member of the #TeamMDX community, please report this immediately to our Care and Concern team.

If you are on campus, you can report it to the Security team who are based in the Quad. If you need immediate support on campus, you should call Security on 0208 411 6200.

If you are living in MDX halls of residence, you have 24/7 security who you should also report any such incidents too.

If you have any other general non-urgent wellbeing queries or questions please email our Wellbeing team.

  • External support

  • Stonewall produce resources, guidance and events which you may wish to explore. If you are an international student, Stonewall can also connect you to LGBTQIA+ groups and support in your home country.

  • Student Minds have resources available to support students, tips from university staff, advice on having LGBTQIA+ conversations and more.

  • Switchboard offer a phoneline specifically for LGBTQIA+ people open 10:00-22:00 daily and can take calls from anywhere in the UK. This information is also available on our Counselling and Mental Health Emergency and Crisis information page.

  • Student Pride is the UK’s biggest LGBTQIA+ event and runs each year in February (LGBT History Month).

  • NUS LGBT+ campaign exists to represent LGBTQIA+ students and defend their rights throughout their time at University.

  • DrugRehab is provides information and support to people facing substance use disorders especially within the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Gendered Intelligence is an organisation aiming to increase understanding of gender diversity which runs youth groups and a mentoring scheme for trans people aged 13 to 25.

  • IMMAN is a peer support group for LGBTQIA+ Muslims that aims to help reconcile faith with sexuality and gender identity.

  • London Friend is a charity supporting the health and mental wellbeing of the LGBTQIA+ in and around London

  • The LGBT Foundation provides advice, support and information for LGBTQIA+ people.

  • Transgender Support Groups is an international directory of support groups for trans individuals and their families in multiple cities across 16 countries.

GP support

We are partnered with The Uni Doctor who provides General Practitioner (GP) services to all MDX students. You can register with them online and can find out more on our health and wellbeing page.

Your GP is your first point of call for any physical or mental health support. You should make sure that you are registered with a GP close to your term-time address.

Your GP can also support you with your sexual health if you are sexually active, or you may be able to order a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) kit for home testing.

You can find out more about sexual health and regular testing on our health guides page.


#TeamMDX are proud to support #TransRightsAreHumanRights and support trans people as employees, colleagues and students.

See the growing group of leading businesses who are also speaking up for trans equality in the UK at transrightsarehumanrights.co.uk

How to be an ally

An ally can be described as a straight or cisgender person who provides support and advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community. Being a good ally to the community requires education, advocacy, action and a desire to learn from your mistakes.

Become an ally

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