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Pre-sessional programme

Welcome to Middlesex University

We are so pleased to welcome you to London and onto our Pre-Sessional course. Once you've finished, you will be ready for degree level study in the UK and can carry onto your ideal course.

Hello from Paul Kirk

I'd first like to congratulate you on your place on our Pre-Sessional English programme - I hope you are excited to get started.

We have created this section to help answer your questions about the course and induction, travelling to the UK and what to bring, and starting your first day on campus. Please have a look through and do get in touch with our team if you have any further concerns.

I wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to seeing you at Induction and Enrolment

Paul Kirk

Director of International Preparatory Programmes and Short Courses

Your journey to Middlesex, London

Going to University can be a big step especially if you are going to another country. We've created a checklist of documents to bring with you, outlined how to get the right travel and medical insurance, and answered your tuition and money questions. We've also got guidance on what to do when you first get to the UK.

Get your journey started

Your accommodation

Getting the right accommodation can really make you feel at home when you arrive in London. We have a variety of rooms available to suit your preferences and budget.

See our accommodation advice

Your life in London

Our single-site campus is in Hendon, north London. It's a green and peaceful part of the city that's well connected to the rest of London, the UK and beyond. We're a short walk from transport links so you can always get where you need to be.

You're going to love studying at Middlesex in London!

Explore our favourite places

Your Pre-sessional course

Our Pre-sessional course will help you improve your English while also getting you ready for studying in the UK. Here is what to expect and what to bring to make sure you get the most from your course.

Induction and enrolment

Before you begin your studies, you'll be invited to attend a two day welcome programme. It's essential you take part as they will cover important information about your course and future life at Middlesex.

What to bring to enrol

Make sure to bring the following when you come to the Induction and Enrolment days:

  • Middlesex offer letter and English language certificate
  • The address that you're staying at in the UK and your home address
  • A telephone number of your emergency contact
  • Payment method to pay any outstanding tuition or accommodation fees. Sponsored students will need to bring their original sponsor letter
  • Your passport and Biometric Residence permit (if applicable).

Download our printable campus map

Your induction

Your induction is your official welcome to Middlesex and will start at 9.00am. We recommend arriving in London a few days before your induction so you have a chance to get settled in your new accommodation.

On the day, you'll meet your tutors and fellow students, have a tour of the campus and the library, and get introduced to life and study at university.

If you are afraid that you might not be able to attend the induction day, please contact us, your Regional Office or your agent. If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot arrive on the day specified, you will require permission from the Director of International Preparatory and Short Courses to arrive late.

Your enrolment

After your induction, you will then be able to enrol. Here you will receive your Middlesex Student ID and access card, as well as pay any outstanding fees.

Make sure to bring your passport as it will need to be checked and scanned.

Your assessment

You'll be assessed throughout the course and assessments will include a spoken presentation, an assessed seminar,  a listening exam and essays done both in your own time and under exam conditions. You can find more information about assessment in your course handbook.

If you do not successfully complete the course, don't worry. We will give you support and advice, and talk through your options to improving your English.

If you decide to leave the course early, please talk with your tutor as soon as possible.

Settling in

Being away from home for the first time can sometimes be difficult especially if you also have to get used to a different culture and language. We're here to help!

You can access our counselling service, talk to your tutors or our student ambassadors about any of your concerns. The Students' Union also hosts a range of events and evenings to help you meet new people and make friends.

The welfare talk during your induction will give you plenty of information on the different types of support available for you as well as the various places of worship around the campus and Hendon.

For general enquiries and advice, please contact our Counselling and Mental Health Team.

  • Attendance

    Once you've enrolled, you will receive your timetable! As part of your course, you are expected to attend all classroom sessions, study an additional 20 hours per week, and complete all study tasks on time.

    Each class builds on your learning from the previous lessons so if you're late, don't attend or fail to finish your study tasks, you may struggle to keep up. Regular attendance will help to develop your communication skills and the study tasks help ensure your progression as well as giving you the experience of working to a deadline.

    If you regularly fail to attend class, you may be reported as breaking your Tier 4 visa conditions.

    If you are struggling, please let your tutor know so they can help you. Marks can be deducted for late submission.

    If you are unwell and can't attend a class, please let us know as soon as possible. You can request a special absence by emailing an Academic Manager.

  • Advice and support

    There may be times when you are worried about studying in English or feel you aren't progressing as fast as you'd like. Don't panic! Speak to your tutor as they will be able to help you adjust and work through any issues you might be having. You can also speak to an Academic Manager about any other aspect of your course.

    The Unihelp team in the Sheppard library can provide help and support about a whole range of matter. If you have personal or welfare concerns, please contact the counselling and mental health team.

    We also have a Chinese Student Liaison Officer (CSLO) who is available to support the Chinese-speaking students’ community. This role is based in the Sheppard library and you will need to make an appointment before visiting.

    Website resources

    The British Council Learn English website has a range of how to videos and podcasts to help with conversational speaking. They also have sections for Chinese students and Arabic students. Have a look at the Prepare for Success website for more tips and advice.

  • Progressing to a degree

Progressing to your chosen degree is the next step on your higher education journey in the UK.

Once you've chosen your ideal course, you then need to make sure you have the correct permits to remain in the country. We hold Home Office Registration workshops to help you through this process from checking you have the correct documents and original certificates to completing the online application form.

We can also answer your questions and arrange to see you individually if you're having problems.

Extending your student visa from within the UK

We strongly advise you to apply for your visa through the University Check and Send Scheme which guides you through the whole process. It is vital that you submit your visa extension application at least three weeks before it is due to expire. You also need to be able to show that you have enough money available for living costs and tuition fees.

Please make sure to read the Gov.uk information before you submit your application and take a look at our applying for tier 4 visa for more information.

Working in the UK

Working while studying can be a great option to support your education and living costs. However, as an international student, you will need the correct permits. The regulations surrounding working in the UK while you are studying differ depending on the conditions on your visa so please check with Gov.uk to find out what options are available to you.

Before you can start work, you will need to apply for a National Insurance Number which is used as a reference number for the UK benefits and tax credits system.

Check if you're eligible to work in the UK

Get more information about working in the UK

Got a question? Get in touch

Email our team for support and guidance

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