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Disability and special arrangements

When you register online there will be a section of the registration form which asks if you have any special requirements. Please answer the question and we will then contact you for further information.

Is the arrangement for the graduate?

If the arrangement is for you we will endeavour to keep you seated with your fellow graduates unless you need to be seated in a more accessible/appropriate part of the venue. If needed we will also seat your guests with you.

Is the arrangement for a guest?

Please give as much information as possible so we can make the arrangements for seating.  Parking is available for blue badge holders only provided the badge number and car registration number is provided in advance.

Please  note that guests who are wheelchair users must have another appropriate adult with them, other than the graduand, who will be able to help them in case of evacuation procedures. The university does not supply wheelchairs so if you or your guest needs one please make sure you bring your own with you.

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