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BRIT 2023 Challenge

Join MDX for the BRIT 2023 Challenge and raise awareness and funds for student mental health throughout the UK.

The challenge will run from 1 February – 23February 2023

Are you taking part in the BRIT Challenge on MDXMoves? SUBMIT your Selfie Video and if we use it you are automatically awarded 2500 MDXMoves points

VIDEO Criteria

  • 30 seconds long
  • Film in portrait format
  • Show us what activity you are doing. eg walking, cycling, etc

Complete this  phrase within your video

  • " I'm taking part in the BRIT challenge.  Join the challenge today on MDXMoves helping young adult mental health.
  • Feel free to add any other comments in your short video about what you love about MDXMoves. This may be things like how it keeps you motivated to stay active or how you like to compete your friends.


Please feel free to be creative as you like. Keep it fun, upbeat and if we use your video you will automatically be rewarded with 2500 MDXMoves points. Please email me if you have any questions.

The Challenge

We have 3 challenges running this year, to suit all levels of activity.

The Challenges will run over 23 days from 1st to 23rd February 2023. Choose the challenge which you feel is most suited and realistically challenging for yourself. A key element of the BRIT Challenge is to raise funds for student mental health charities, so as well as the physical activity challenge, we’re asking participants to either donate personally or raise some sponsorship for this worthwhile cause.

Bronze Challenge

13,000 steps a day (or 3 miles running, or 9 miles cycling a day or a combination of these activities).

Silver Challenge

6000 points which is equivalent to an average 26,000 steps a day

Gold Challenge

9000 points which is equivalent to an average 39,000 steps a day (or 8 miles running or 25 miles cycling a day, or a combination of these activities).

Helping #TeamMDX raise £2023 for charity

This year we encourage all participants to help #TeamMDX raise £2023 for the BRIT charity. We are encouraging all participants to raise money for the charity by either donating yourself or maybe even sponsoring a friend, colleague. If every person entering raises a small amount we should reach our very achievable target of £2023, which will make a significant difference to the BRIT charity.

Donate and share the link to our TEAMMDX BRIT Challenge

So get your skates on, and lets get Moving!

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