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BRIT 2022 Challenge

Join MDX for the BRIT 2022 Challenge and raise awareness and funds for student mental health throughout the UK.

The challenge will run from 1 February – 3 March 2022.

Are you taking part in the BRIT Challenge on MDXMoves? SUBMIT your Selfie Video and if we use it you are automatically awarded 2500 MDXMoves points

VIDEO Criteria

  • 30 - 40 seconds long
  • Film in portrait format
  • Tell us and show us in your own words what activity you are doing. eg walking, cycling, etc

Complete these 2 phrases within your video

  • " I enjoy MDXMoves because.....
  • some examples you may want to think about could include - "it keeps me connected with friends, i enjoy the challenges, i like the rewards, i enjoy a free coffee every week, i like competing in the challenges, it keeps me motivated and active, it remonds me and challenges me to be active". etc...
  • " I'm taking part in the MDXMoves BRIT challenge, helping raise funds for young adult mental health- Join the challenge on MDXMoves"


Please feel free to be creative as you like. Keep it fun, upbeat and if we use your video you will automatically be rewarded with 2500 MDXMoves points. Please email me if you have any questions.

The Challenge

We have 2 challenges running this year, to suit all levels of activity.

The ‘Step Challenge’ and for the crazy ones amongst us we have the ‘Ultimate Challenge’. Decide which is best suited to you, join in and help raise awareness and funds for the BRIT challenge charities. The challenge will run from 1 February – 3 March 2022.

2022 point Step Challenge

We challenge you to accumulate 2022 MDXMoves points over the course of the 4 week challenge. This roughly equates to 6740 steps per day…. Not much I hear you say? Well try being consistent over the course of the full challenge period. Miss a day and you have double to catch up! Think you can do it? Sign up on the 1st February on the MDXMoves challenges. Clock up those points anyway you like. Go for a walk to the shops, do a spot of hoovering or maybe go for a long hike somewhere gorgeous and really smash those points. Don’t forget you can also compete against your friends in the leader board to help keep motivate and have a bit of fun.

2022 Ultimate Challenge

We understand that some of our MDXMoves users are seriously active. Clocking up a 100 mile cycle one weekend is simply a gentle weekend ride for some. Completing a half marathon may be just your warm up routine. If this sounds like you then you need to enter the MDXMoves BRIT 2022 Ultimate Challenge. Your challenge is to achieve 20,220 steps per day!

Plus all entrants receive a BRIT challenge T-Shirt and 1000 MDXMoves bonus points.

Helping #TeamMDX raise £2022 for charity

This year we encourage all participants to help #TeamMDX raise £2022 for the BRIT and Redthread charity. Sponsor a friend, colleague or even yourself. If every person entering raises a small amount we should reach our very achievable target of £2022, which will make a significant difference to our 2 charities. We are raising funds for two amazing charities: BRIT which supports young adult and student mental health and Redthread one of the MDXSU's charities which supports young people affected by violence and exploitation to help them break the cycle of harm.

Donate and share the link

So get your skates on, and lets get Moving!

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