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BRIT 2024 Challenge

Join MDX for the BRIT 24 Hour CYCLATHON Challenge and raise awareness and funds for student mental health throughout the UK.

The challenge will run from 12.00pm 28 February – 12.00pm 29 February 2024 in the QUAD

The BRIT Challenge- 24 Hour Cyclathon

The BRIT Challenge this year is to reach our combined 24 hour CYCLATHON target of 2024km! We are encouraging all Middlesex University students and staff to help us reach this ambitious target for 2024 and help raise funds for the BRIT charity. Our 24 hour event will take place in the Quad starting midday  Wednesday 28th February 2024.

How it works

We will have 3 Wattbikes set up in the Quad. Our 24 hour CYLATHON launch will be at 12.00pm on Wednesday 28th February. The idea is to keep at least one of the 3 bikes continuously running for the 24 hour period, to reach our target of a combined 2024km in the 24 hour period. The challenge will finish with a BANG on Thursday 29th February 2024 at Midday (12.00pm)! We also aim to raise our £2024 target for the charity. We ask all participants to pay / raise £2 in sponsorship for thr BRIT charity. This can be paid via card in the Quad at the event, or at The Fitness Pod reception in MDX House. For all participants raising or donating £10 or more you will receive a commemorative BRIT Challenge sports T shirt.!

  • Start: 12.00pm  (Midday) Wednesday 28th February 2024- Quad
  • Finish 12.00pm (Midday) Thursday  29th February 2024- Quad

Bonus MDX Points when you take part

We need you to help us reach our target. You can choose from the following 15, 30 or 60 minute time slot and choose your preferred time to take part. You will also receive bonus MDXMoves points for the following:

  • 15 minutes = 150 points
  • 30 minutes = 400 points
  • 60 minutes = 1000 points

Register to take part

As the challenge begins today, simply come along and we should be able to slot you in at some point. Come and see a staff member in the Quad.

Free Sports T-Shirt for participants donating £10 to BRIT Charity.

For all participants raising or donating £10 or more you will receive a commemorative BRIT Challenge sports T shirt.! Register now to secure yours! Payment can be made at The Fitness Pod reception in MDX House or by card at the 24 Hour cyclathon event in the Quad.

Helping #TeamMDX raise £2024 for charity

This year we encourage all participants to help #TeamMDX raise £2024 for the BRIT charity. We are encouraging all participants to raise money for the charity by either donating yourself or maybe even sponsoring a friend, colleague. If every person entering raises a small amount we should reach our very achievable target of £2024, which will make a significant difference to the BRIT charity.

Donate and share the link to our TEAMMDX BRIT Challenge

So get your skates on, and lets get Moving!

Are you taking part in the BRIT Challenge on MDXMoves? SUBMIT your Selfie Video and if we use it you are automatically awarded 2500 MDXMoves points

VIDEO Criteria

  • 30 seconds long
  • Film in portrait format
  • Film yourself cycling as part of the challenge

Complete this  phrase within your video

  • " I'm taking part in the BRIT challenge 2024.  


Please feel free to be creative as you like. Keep it fun, upbeat and if we use your video you will automatically be rewarded with 2500 MDXMoves points. Please email me if you have any questions.

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