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Your impact

Your feedback and opinions matter, so make sure you tell us when we are doing it right or when you feel as though something could be improved.


At the start of each academic year, all students will elect a Student Voice Leader to represent their year of their course. These elected student representatives will then attend Programme Voice Groups.

It’s important to raise any issues or feedback that you have with your Student Voice Leader, so that they can accurately represent your views to academic staff. You can find out who your Student Voice Leader is by logging in to the MDXSU website.

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At Middlesex University, we work closely with the Students’ Union to ensure you can make your voice heard. Your feedback helps us to identify what is working well and any enhancements that can be made to the student  experience. As a result of previous feedback, we have been able to implement the following changes.

  • Cost of Living

    Managing your finances can be challenging at the moment and we want you to have the help you need to get the most out of your time at Middlesex.

    The Living Costs Fund is available for all enrolled students and remains available throughout the academic year. The fund provides money/vouchers that will help to purchase food, and toiletries, pay part of a bill/rent, etc. Details of all financial support is available on the Financial Support UniHub page.

    For your financial wellbeing, you asked for more financial support. In addition to our established Student Support Fund, which helps students who are experiencing longer-term financial difficulties, we have also introduced an emergency financial fund to help you with costs such as food, bills and technology.

    We have also introduced free breakfasts and dinners twice a week at the hot food counter in the Quad. Further details as well as information about other food discounts is on our food on campus web pages.

  • Reducing the cost of studying

    We are committed to offering value for money by reducing study costs and providing services for free that you may have expected to pay for such as  laptop loans, free printing, eTextbooks, and 24/7 library opening  https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/support/financial-support

    Academic Integrity

  • Changes to the Library

The Sheppard Library is open 24/7 and there’s lots of study/social spaces across London that you can access as an MDX student. This could help save you time and money on travel costs, for days when you don’t need to be on campus.  Check out the Maps tile on MDXapp and click 'off campus’

  • Changes to timetabling

You can now see your full timetable for the whole academic year, including January modules, to help you plan any travel, care commitments or working arrangements around your studies.

  • Gym membership

We have a reduced cost gym membership available at the Fitness Pod. This includes free gym classes, and access to gym equipment and facilities from September 2022 to May 2023.

  • Changes to catering on campus

Get free breakfasts and dinners twice a week in the Quad, use the Too Good To Go app to see cheap food on campus and local outlets; See the Food on Campus web pages for further discounts. Cash will be accepted in all Chartwells outlets during the start of term. Greggs and Costa will also accept cash.

  • Accommodation

Middlesex has linked up with Housing Hand to provide a discounted Guarantor service for anyone who needs help getting a guarantor for private rented accommodation.

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