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    Ever wondered what we do with your feedback?


    At the start of each academic year, all students will elect a Student Voice Leader to represent their year of their course. These elected student representatives will then attend Programme Voice Groups.

    It’s important to raise any issues or feedback that you have with your Student Voice Leader, so that they can accurately represent your views to academic staff. You can find out who your Student Voice Leader is by logging in to the MDXSU website.

    Choose your faculty below to see the subject and course changes taking place.

    • Your ideas in action

    Changes to the marking policy

    We have worked with MDXSU to create an Anonymous Marking Assessment policy, in response to student feedback.

    Anonymous marking ensures that your identity (your name, student number and other personal/identifiable information) is not made available to academics when they are marking your work.

    This means that you can have confidence that your assessments will be marked fairly and consistently. However, there are some forms of assessment for which anonymity cannot be guaranteed and these are recognised in the policy.

    We believe that it's important to provide you with the support and guidance needed to help you develop and prepare for your final assessments (those which count towards your final grades i.e. summative assessments).

    Therefore, anonymous marking will not apply to learning activities and assessments that do not contribute to your final grades (i.e. formative assessments).

    If you require further information and support to understand how anonymous marking works in your programme modules please contact the Module Leader for more information.

    You can view the Anonymous Marking Assessment Policy online.

    Changes to employability support

    In order to accommodate your needs, we're currently hosting our drop-in sessions remotely via phone on 0208 411 6161 or by emailing our MDXWorks team.

    We're available Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm and can help you with feedback on your application documents, including CVs, cover letters and application forms. We can provide suggestions to help you make improvements and stand out from other applicants.

    Helpful guides can be accessed online in the resources section.

    Changes to learning and teaching

    Feedback showed that students feel most confident using Zoom as a platform for online learning. Therefore, we have invested in a more comprehensive Zoom license for the University, so that online learning is more accessible and playing to our students’ strengths.

    Additionally, students asked for more opportunities to ask questions during thier learning. therefore, we will be providing additional training to Graduate Academic Assistants and Student Learning Assistants, so that they can continue to support live online sessions with you. We will also be enhancing our personal tutoring scheme.

    Changes to the Library

    It was also clear that whilst some of you have been able to work well at home, it has been hard for many of you to build effective study spaces. From the start of the new academic year, you will be able to pre-book study spaces in the Sheppard Library, use our new click and collect service to access books and access safe printing facilities. This will allow you to utilise a safe space on campus to study.

    In addition we temporarily have access to a much bigger collection of books from Kortext and Vital Source, as well as various art and design book collections from Bloomsbury. Links to these extra collections have been added to every reading list at the top of the page so you can easily find them.

    Changes to IT support and learning resources

    Following some requested changes from students, we have introduced more software and tools that students can use; from LinkedIn Learning to hone new skills, to Kortext, for free online books.

    Additionally, The Learning Enhancement team's support is still available online. From numeracy support and academic writing support to speaking to a librarian.

    Some of you noted that you were still having difficulties accessing laptops and necessary IT equipment. From the start of term in September, the University has invested in 1,000 additional laptops available for you to borrow. As we’ve done since the beginning of the pandemic, you will be able to borrow laptops directly from the IT team, without using the self-service cabinets (reducing the risk to COVID-19 exposure) or you can request for one to be sent to your home address. We have also extended the initial loan period, which means you will not have to return the laptop until January 2021. To borrow a laptop, simply raise a ticket with UniHelp

    Changes to timetabling

    Your timetable is now published before the start of the new academic year.

    You're also able to access your timetable through both the MDXapp and myUniHub and if any changes are made you'll receive an email alert letting you know.

    Changes to wellbeing support

    Roughly one in four students said that they were unaware of available wellbeing support, so we have compiled information about how you can access all forms of support online at Middlesex. This includes proactive guidance and apps to maintain your wellbeing, counselling and mental health support and services for those with disabilities or dyslexia. We encourage all students to utilise these services, as we know how challenging the current circumstances can be.

    Changes to catering on campus

    Many of you wanted more dietary variety to the options available on campus and in MDX House our vegetarian menu is now also vegan-friendly. Vegan pastries are now available in the Quad, Ritterman, the Circle Café and the Grove and four of our outlets in MDX house have Halal and Kosher options. Our smaller outlets also have Halal and Kosher sandwiches.

    We're planning to reduce your overall costs by 10% across our cafés, restaurants and hospitality provisions and are introducing pre-ordering systems to reduce queues, so you can get your food quicker.

    We're running monthly events on the benefits of healthy cooking. These events will be supported by recipe cards and helpful cooking tips to get you cooking fresh and healthy meals

    • Changes to fees and funding

      Students have showed their financial struggles during COVID-19. Therefore, we will be making finance information and support more accessible, including how you can access hardship funds when in financial difficulty.

      For the second year running, we're offering a five part instalment plan and a prompt payment discount to our UK/EU Undergraduate students.

      We've also upgraded our processes so you can deal with an individual adviser from the beginning to the end of your query. Find more info here.

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