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    IT Specialists

    IT Support provides a range of IT services and resources to students.

    A range of computers are available on all campuses for students to use. These include PCs and Mac computers with a basic set of software such as Microsoft Office, as well as additional specialist software. We have open access areas as well as silent and group study rooms enabling you to work as appropriate.

    Specialist IT staff are available to help you with any computing related queries and services include:

    • Specialist advice and support for students' own personal devices (laptops, tablet devices, mobiles etc.) including Operating System check-ups and updates
    • Specialist software training and workshops for students e.g. SPSS, Adobe products
    • Advice and preparation for large format printing
    • Help and advice with IT purchases

    The IT helpdesk is located in the StudyHub area (1st floor) of the Sheppard Library. The helpdesk is open from 11:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday) during the summer, until Friday 6th September 2019. During term-time the helpdesk is open until 6:30pm.


    Equipment is available for student use on campus or for loan. Visit our equipment page for full details.

    Wireless access

    The wireless access page contains full details about wireless access at Hendon.

    Printing and photocopying

    All libraries have printing and photocopying facilities available for students which are free of charge for academic purposes. Please click the link for full details.


    Software installed in each classroom / open access area

    CCSS provides an installation service in respect of any software currently provided in CCSS-supported classrooms and open access areas. CCSS staff do not usually have any specialist knowledge of the software beyond basic installation and testing of print functions. Normally any training or other support for this software must be arranged with the software supplier or other external company by the school, service or campus support team concerned.

    Computer Usage

    Students can download the University's regulations around computer usage to see what is expected from them. Other University policies can be viewed on our policies page.

    Daily Computer maintenance in Sheppard Library

    As part of University’s IT improvements works and in order to provide you with computers in a good working state, we will carry out daily maintenance on them at the following times.

    • Monday: 1am to 4am
    • Tuesday: 4am to 5am
    • Wednesday: 4am to 5am
    • Thursday: 4am to 5am
    • Friday: 4am to 5am
    • Saturday: 4am to 5am
    • Sunday: 4am to 5am

    Please note that you will always be notified of the imminent shutdown.

    Please ensure you save your work at all times, as your work will be lost once the computers are restarted.

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