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IT Services

Welcome to IT Services

The Library and Student Support IT Team provides a wide range of support services for all Middlesex University students.

When and where to find us

The IT Specialist desk, located in StudyHelp on the first floor in the Sheppard Library, is open term time Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Remote IT support is also available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

IT Services provides the following

Specialist IT staff are available to help you with any computing related queries and services including:

  • Specialist advice and support for students' own personal devices (laptops, tablet devices, mobiles etc.) including Operating System check-ups and updates
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Specialist software training and workshops for students e.g. Microsoft O365
  • Help and advice with IT purchases

How to request IT support:

Please note we may need to remote onto your personal device to provide virtual support, you will need to download TeamViewer.

Online IT remote support is open from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Online Video Conferencing guides

Your academic support team may at times send you a weblink to join a 1 to 1 tutorial or online class. You don't need any special app or software, just a browser on any PC, Mac or smart device that has a microphone option and preferably, but not necessarily, a webcam so we can see you.

Studying from home

Purchasing a computer for personal use

Should you want to buy a new PC/laptop to study from home, we recommend the following configuration:

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Intel i3 processor (or equivalent AMD) and above (i5 and above recommended)
  • 256GB storage (Solid State Disk storage (SSD) recommended)
  • 4GB memory (8GB recommended)
  • 10MBPS and above broadband connectivity (the higher the better)

Many suppliers and manufacturers provide educational discount to students. Listed below are links to popular suppliers but before you start browsing make sure you take note of following points:

  • Each site will require registration and verification of your active Middlesex University email account.
  • These websites are not managed by Middlesex University.  If you experience any registration, purchase or technical issues, you will need to contact the suppliers own support page

Dell Advantage | Dell UK
Apple Store for Education
The Student Store (Getech)
Student Superstore (Academia)

Loan Laptops and Audio Visual equipment

Loan laptops

Full details including terms and conditions can be found on our Laptops for loan page.

Audio Visual Equipment

Students can borrow items such as digital cameras, tripods and video recorders through The Kit Hub website.  You will be required to sign in using your university email address and password.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

The MDX Wi-Fi page contains all you need to know about connecting to our network on personal devices.

MDX loan laptop wi-fi connections:  If you are using a loan laptop on campus, you will automatically be connected to MDXSDA-Student Wireless.

If you are off campus, connection must be made to a secure Wi-Fi network prior to signing in. To help you, the laptop features on-screen sign-in instructions or you can also read our detailed loan laptop sign-in instructions guide.

Print and Copy

The Sheppard Library has print and copy facilities on each floor.  At Middlesex, your print and copy is free (within reasonable limits) for academic purposes.


When studying on campus you can find Windows and Mac computers in the Sheppard Library. These, as well as our laptops for loan, feature a wide range of software to help with your studies.  For software availability, please view our software list. You can also click the following links to learn more about Microsoft 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Maintenance Works

Daily Computer Maintenance in Sheppard Library (Hendon)

As part of University’s IT improvements works and in order to provide you with computers in a good working state, we will carry out daily maintenance on them at the following times.

  • Monday: 1am to 4am
  • Tuesday: 4am to 5am
  • Wednesday: 4am to 5am
  • Thursday: 4am to 5am
  • Friday: 4am to 5am
  • Saturday: 4am to 5am
  • Sunday: 4am to 5am

You will always be notified of the imminent shutdown, so please ensure your work is saved to your One Drive, personal hard drive or USB.

Each day after maintenance the computer will be shut down, you will be required to switch the machine back on to use it. We have done this to ensure we use precious resources wisely and efficiently and that we take into consideration environmental, social and economic factors in our decision-making processes.

Please note: If you don’t save your work, when computers are restarted your work will be lost and will not be recoverable.

Computer usage and policies

The University requires students to comply with our Computer Use Policy when using the University's computers, network and associated services. Other University policies can be viewed on our policies page.

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