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Environment and sustainability

We're committed to continual environmental improvement.

Your sustainable campus - the report 2019/20

Our green credentials

Environmental management and sustainability is about ensuring we use precious resources wisely and efficiently and that we take into consideration environmental, social and economic factors in our decision making processes.

Our Environmental Management Policy outlines the key areas we're addressing to reduce our environmental impact.

We have done some amazing work to reduce our carbon footprint. Enhance your knowledge of our campus by taking five minutes to watch a video that highlights some of the sustainable features we have introduced to reduce our carbon footprint https://vimeo.com/415551040

We've been improving our environmental performance in many ways:

  • We're among 36 institutions to achieve an award from the People & Planet Green League for our environmental performance
  • We've reduced our electricity usage by installing voltage optimisers, using LED lights and building solar thermal panels on our buildings
  • We're using natural ventilation in buildings and push taps and dual flush systems in our toilets.
  • We've managed to get up to 60% of our waste recycled and food waste collected to be converted to methane for energy production
  • Our Grove building has a green sedum roof, creating a habitat for wildlife and absorbing rainwater
  • We've cut our carbon emissions by 748 tonnes – the same as removing 287 cars from the road each year

Fairtrade at Middlesex

With Fairtrade you have the power to change the world every day. With simple shopping choices and purchasing items with the Fairtrade logo, you can get farmers a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their futures and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.

Our 2018/2020 impact report has a great story to tell on our journey

At the heart of supporting fairtrade at Middlesex is collaboration and a good example of that is the Network of university’s across the UK that the Middlesex Fairtrade team have built, all supporting Fairtrade and sustainability. The networking group now spans across 21 university’s and for the first time, will be collaborating on a joint venture for Fairtrade fortnight 2021 celebrations bringing Higher education students and staff together.

As well as our external partners, we continually support Fairtrade by providing Fairtrade products at our catering outlets, our vending machines and our hospitality services supported by our catering supplier Chartwells, and also through MDXSU Merchandise with their selection of Fairtrade cotton items.

Highest level Fairtrade award

Middlesex University are proud to have been a Fairtrade awarded University since 2017, where it has grown from strength to strength. From being part of the university Fairtrade award pilot scheme ran by NUS and Fairtrade foundation, helping to shape the criteria of the award into what it is today, to now gaining a 3 star award status, which is currently one of 2 of the highest accredited university’s across the UK.

The work that has gone into Fairtrade at Middlesex has and continues to bring opportunities for our students more and more every year. You can find out more about how to get involved via our social media:

Facebook: Jo MDX Fairtrade

Get involved

The Sustainability and Plastic Reduction Society is a group of students who are passionate about environmental conservation and whose goal is to help the whole university be as eco-friendly as possible.

Head to the MDXSU page to join us, or share your ideas and opinions on their Facebook page.

You can also submit your ideas for improving our sustainable campus on the People and Planet web pages or by joining the student switch off campaign in your halls or accommodation.

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