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Supporting your progression at Middlesex

Progression and Support

Welcome to the Progression and Support Homepage. Below you will find help and support on a range of different topics. Please use the links below to request the help you need.

Who we are and how we can help?

The Progression and Support Team (PST) work closely with your programme team and other student support services to support your academic progress.

We can support you to:

  • understand key University policies and processes (such as Extenuating Circumstances and Attendance & Engagement policies)
  • understand your results and the implications for your academic standing (progression decision)
  • confront challenges that may be affecting your academic studies
  • discuss making changes to your study – such as:
    • Taking a break from your studies (interrupting your study)
    • Changing your course of study (transferring to a different programme)
    • Adjusting your mode of study (switching between full-time and part-time, or vice versa)
    • Leaving the University (withdrawing from your studies or transferring to another institution)
  • Support with my studies

We understand that, sometimes, students experience circumstances beyond their control which can affect their ability to study. If you are experiencing any difficulties which are affecting your engagement, attendance or assessments we're here to support you.

Students studying

Please book a study support consultation with the Progression and Support Team. If you need support to book an appointment online, please contact UniHelp

During your study support consultation, we will discuss all available options in relation to your studies and ensure you are receiving appropriate support to achieve to the best of your abilities.

Book a Study Support Consultation

  • Making changes to your study

We understand that you may experience a change in your personal circumstances which may lead to you wanting to make changes to your studies. This could be a change of programme or a change of mode of study. The Progression and Support Team can support you in navigating these processes and help you to understand all the available options and implications of making a change to your study.

If you are considering making changes to your studies, please book an appointment with the Progression and Support Team.

Book an appointment

Once you have sought advice and guidance from the University and you wish to proceed with requesting a change to your study, please complete a Changes to Study Form.

Changes to Study Form

Please open this in incognito mode/private browser and a member of the team will contact you with further guidance.

If you are not sure that you meet the entry requirements of the new course, we can check this for you upon submission of your request. You can search all available Middlesex courses by following the link below:

Middlesex University Courses

It is important you note, it may not be possible to make an immediate change to your programme or mode of study upon request. The Progression and Support Team will be able to advise you on your options, and help you to understand the implications (financial or academic) of making a change to your study.

  • Taking a break from studies or leaving the University?

If you are considering taking a temporary break in study (interruption) or leaving the University permanently, please Book an Appointment with the Progression and Support Team. We can answer any questions you may have and support you in making a decision that feels right for you and your circumstances.

Book an appointment

Before you book an appointment to speak with us, it is important you consider fee liability and any funding implications of interrupting or permanently withdrawing from studies. For more information on withdrawals, interruptions and fee liability, please follow the links below:

Withdrawals and Interruptions

If you have concerns regarding your fees or funding, please contact our Student Welfare Advice Team before booking an appointment to speak with us.

Once you have sought advice and guidance from the University and you wish to proceed with requesting a break in study or permanent withdrawal from study, please submit one of the request forms below

Request a break in study

Request to withdraw from study

  • Advice for International students

If you are studying with us on a student route visa (formerly Tier 4 visa), changing your programme, taking an interruption/break in study or withdrawing from the University will impact your current visa arrangement.

If you have any queries regarding visa implications, please contact our International Advice Team for further guidance.

International Student Advice Team

  • Help to understand your results and academic standing

The Progression and Support Team can help you to understand your results and how they have impacted on your academic standing.

We can explain specific progression rules for your programme and explain the decisions given to you by the Programme Assessment Board (PAB). There may be important next steps that you need to take and therefore, if you are not sure what is required from you, please book an appointment to speak with us.

Book an appointment

If you would prefer, you can submit a request for progression guidance using the Progression Enquiry Form. Please follow the link below:

Progression Enquiry Form

For more information regarding the University's grading scale and academic standing decisions, please view the following page:

Results, grading and progression

  • Useful forms

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