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Your progression queries explained

A student guide to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I progress to the next year of my Programme?

Progression to the next stage of your degree programme is not automatic. It is determined by the amount of module credit you have achieved in each academic year.

A Programme Assessment Board (PAB) will meet at least twice each academic year (some professional programmes will have additional Programme Assessment Board meetings throughout the year), to decide whether you have passed sufficient module credits to progress to the next stage on your chosen programme of study - the decision of your programme assessment board is your academic standing.

Each programme will have its own progression regulations based on academic requirements or stipulated by professional or accrediting bodies.

Make sure you read the programme specification within your programme handbook to understand the progression regulations for your particular programme.

  • What does my academic standing mean?

The Progression & Support team can help you to understand your academic standing and any specific progression rules for your programme. They can explain the decisions given to you by the Programme Assessment Board. There might be important next steps that you need to take and therefore if you are not sure what is required from you please submit a request for progression advice using the Progression Enquiry Form (Please open this in incognito mode/private browser)

Please see the following page for an explanation which will help you to understand your results grading, and academic standing:


  • I haven't passed some/all of my modules, what can I do?

If you fail one or more of your modules you may not achieve the required number of module credits in order to progress on to the next year or stage of your programme. If this happens then you may be given one of the following decisions by the Programme Assessment Board:

  • Can continue part-time - You have not passed sufficient credit to continue as a full-time student. You have been given an exceptional opportunity to repeat module(s) on a part-time basis in order to gain the necessary credits to
    remain on your chosen programme and progress to the next stage. If you pass sufficient credits, you'll be permitted to return to full-time
    study in the future.
  • Must complete resit / deferrals - You cannot continue with future study until you have completed outstanding deferred / reassessments that are indicated on your MyUniHub 'My Grades and Progression' record. You should attempt these assessments at the next available opportunity and check the university examination timetable regularly.
  • FAIL: no reassessment - this means you have failed your programme of study and cannot continue as a student of the University as, under our regulations, you have now exhausted your entitlement to be reassessed. Therefore, your studies at the University have been terminated.
  • You may have acquired enough credits to entitle you to an interim qualification. Please consult the current University Regulations and if you think you are eligible please discuss this either in person at the UniHelp Desk or contact UniHelp.

How can I find out key dates throughout the year?

Here you will find a link to the academic calendars

Find out more
  • Can I talk to someone about my results and academic standing?

If you have recently had your academic standing published to you, and if you wish to you speak to a member of the progression and support team for information and advice, please submit a Progression Enquiry Form.

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