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Support for Maths, Stats and Numeracy

  • Maths Help Centre

The Maths Help Centre provides drop-in support for the maths, stats or numeracy that you need in your course. We are now closed and will re-open in the autumn. Details of our opening times will be posted here.

Please see below for other ways we can support you.

  • One-to One-Appointments

These are 30-minute one-to-one appointments with a LET lecturer during which you can get advice on any mathematics, statistics or numeracy that you are working on.

Please use the calendars below to book an appointment. Booking will open one week before the time advertised.

You can only book one tutorial from the Maths, Stats & Numeracy calendars in a given week.

If you cannot see a time that fits your schedule, or you would like to arrange a group appointment with friends, please email us at Numeracy@mdx.ac.uk. Please tell us what you would like help with and when you are free.

Numeracy – Nursing Midwifery and Education Tutorials


Maths and Statistics Tutorials - Available to all schools including Nursing & Midwifery


  • Workshops

You can request a workshop for a group of three or more students. In these we aim to help you understand a particular topic in more depth.

Some suggested topics are shown below but you are not restricted to these:

  • Getting started with SPSS
  • Statistical Tests & p values
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Exponentials and Logs
  • Using Excel
  • Percentages

If you would like to request a workshop, please email us at Numeracy@mdx.ac.uk explaining what topic you would like to cover, how many students would like to attend and some dates/times when you will be free.

  • Self-Study Resources

You can find self-study resources for Maths, Statistics and Numeracy on the page below:

Maths, Statistics and Numeracy Resource Box

To return to our homepage, please click the link below:

Learning Enhancement Home page

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