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    Registration and ticket sales for the Summer ceremonies will open at 10am on 5th April. Please read the How to Register Guide guide carefully when registering to attend your ceremony - the link to register is contained in the Guide. You must purchase a ticket for yourself as this is how we know you want to attend the ceremony - do not skip this part of the registration process. Hiring a gown does not mean that you are attending the ceremony.

    Each student can book two tickets in the first instance providing they register by the deadline date of 4pm on 24th June. After this date any extra tickets we have available will be released for general sale to students who booked by the deadline.

    If you have guests with children who want to watch the ceremony from the lecture theatre you must book a free of charge ticket for this - details are include in the Guide.

    • Registration FAQs

      • How will I know if I have registered?

        A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you provide in the online registration. If you do not receive an email you must contact us immediately.

      • Is there a payment to attend?

        There is no payment for graduates to attend their ceremony however you must register, even if you do not intend to bring any guests with you. A fee is payable for guests at the time of registration so please have a debit/credit card ready.

      • Tickets

        Students can purchase up to 2 guest tickets in the first instance. When you register to attend graduation you must enter how many tickets you require, including your own, and not assume that tickets will be automatically allocated.  Students can only book their two tickets up to the deadline date - after this we presume that you no longer need any tickets and they are released for other students to purchase.

        Extra tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis from 1pm on 25th June by logging back into your account. Please do not assume that you will receive extras. Extra ticket sales closes at 4pm on 1st July.

        Extra tickets will only be available to those students who are already registered for a ceremony, you can not book in or purchase any tickets after the deadline.

      • Do you or your guests:
        • Require a Visa to enter the UK for the graduation ceremonies? We can assist you with a letter to support a visa application.
        • Have a disability or special request that we need to know about? Find out about our disability/special request arrangements so we know how to assist you on the day.
      • I can't register

        If you can't register please contact us so we can see what the problem is. It may be that you are not due to graduate this year, you have an outstanding debt to the university which must be cleared before you can register or you are using the incorrect student number.

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