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All ticket sales for graduation 2022 have now closed. Please see the details below if you did not register to attend you ceremony or purchase guest tickets.

Updated: 29/06/2022

  • Ticket availability for ceremonies - graduates & guests

Some of the ceremonies are now full and others have been merged with earlier or later times and a full list of these can be found at https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/student-life/graduation/registration

Please do not arrive to a ceremony that advises it is full as we will not be able to accommodate you and you will be asked to back to attend on a day or time where we have space.

What to do on the day

If you would like to attend, choose a ceremony from the list of those available and, on the day of your chosen ceremony, make your way to the Help Desk in the Grove.  Let the staff there know you haven’t registered and they will be able to allocate you a seat.  If you need guest tickets you will be able to purchase these from Ticket Sales in the Grove if they are available.  Again, check the list to see how many guest tickets are available.  Any guests without tickets are able to watch via the video link on campus and can still attend for photographs and the reception after the ceremony.

If you haven’t booked a gown you can do this on the day of your ceremony from RG08 in the Ritterman Building.  The staff there will be able to help you.  The same for photography which is in Portakabin A.

A schedule of the timings for the day can be found at https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/student-life/graduation/ceremony-dates

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 ceremonies!

Date and TimeGraduate SpacesGuest tickets
Monday 4th 12.45pm108343
Monday 4th 3.30pm116375
Monday 4th, 6.15pm70257
Tuesday 5th, 10am182542
Tuesday 5th, 12.45pm90450
Tuesday 5th, 3.30pmFULL265
Tuesday 5th, 6.15pmNow starts at 3.30pm (FULL)n/a
Wednesday 6th, 10am127408
Wednesday 6th, 12.45pm6100
Wednesday 6th, 3.30pmFULL20
Wednesday 6th, 6.15pmNow starts at 3.30pm (FULL)n/a
Thursday 7th, 10am50308
Thursday 7th, 12.45pm65254
Thursday 7th, 3.30pmFULL173
Thursday 7th, 6.15pmNow starts at 10amn/a
Friday 8th, 10amNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
Friday 8th, 12.45pmNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
Friday 8th, 3.30pm158491
Friday 8th, 6.15pm198668
Saturday 9th, 10amNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
Saturday 9th, 12.45pm142359
Saturday 9th, 3.30pm95365
Monday 11th, 10amNow starts at 12.45pmn/a
Monday 11th, 12.45pm170529
Monday 11th, 3.30pm160504
Monday 11th, 6.15pmNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
Tuesday 12th, 10amNow starts at 12.45pmn/a
Tuesday 12th, 12.45pm150525
Tuesday 12th, 3.30pm80351
Tuesday 12th, 6.15pmNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
Wednesday 13th, 10amNow starts at 12.45pmn/a
Wednesday 13th, 12.45pm198564
Wednesday 13th, 3.30pm174506
Wednesday 13th, 6.15pmNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
Thursday 14th, 10amNow starts at 12.45pmn/a
Thursday 14th, 12.45pm50351
Thursday 14th, 3.30pm175540
Thursday 14th, 6.15pmNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
Friday 15th, 10amNow starts at 12.45pmn/a
Friday 15th, 12.45pm200618
Friday 15th, 3.30pm20251
Friday 15th, 6.15pmNow starts at 3.30pmn/a
  • Registration FAQs

    • How will I know if I have registered?

      A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you provide in the online registration with details of your order.  Please make sure this has details of a student ticket. If you do not receive an email you must contact us immediately.

    • Is there a payment to attend?

      There is no payment for graduates to attend their ceremony however you must register and book your own ticket, even if you do not intend to bring any guests with you. A fee is payable for guests at the time of registration so please have a debit/credit card ready.

    • Tickets

      Students can purchase up to a maximum of two guest tickets in the first instance provided this is done by the deadline of 4pm on 10th June. When you register to attend graduation you must enter how many tickets you require, including your own, and not assume that tickets will be automatically allocated.  Students can only book their two tickets up to the deadline date - after this we presume that you no longer need any tickets and these are released for other students to purchase.

    • Can I change my ceremony?

      Your ceremony is allocated according to the date that you graduated from your degree.  For some students this may be a different date to their cohort due to resits, deferrals or extensions.

      Each ceremony has a cap on the number of students that can attend so it is not always possible to accomodate requests to change ceremonies.

      If you would like to change your ceremony please send us an email with your name, student number, the reason for the change to your ceremony and up to three ceremonies that you would like to change to.  Requests will be responded to by Friday 19th May.

    • I can't register

      If you can't register please contact us so we can see what the problem is. It may be that you are not due to graduate this year, you have an outstanding debt to the university which must be cleared before you can register or you are using the incorrect student number.

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