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    Become a Student Voice Leader

    Student Voice Conference

    There are over 600 Student Voice Leaders at Middlesex, one representing each year of each course. Have you got an idea to improve your course, your school or your university experience as a whole? Student Voice Leaders make those ideas become reality.

    Student Voice Leaders act as a point-of-contact between students and staff, listening to their classmates'  views and ideas and then working with the university to make changes that students want to see. They are elected by their classmates at the start of each term and all students can nominate themselves for a role - no experience is necessary.

    All Student Voice Leaders receive employability-boosting training from Middlesex Students' Union, as well as support from the MDXSU Student Officer team and the six School Voice Leaders. Each term, Student Voice Leaders from across the university meet for Student Voice Conferences, discussing ideas for change and voting on which ideas will become policy.

    Being a Student Voice Leader is a great way to gain skills and confidence, meet new people and boost your CV, all while making a genuine difference at Middlesex. It's easy to fit in around your studies and work, and you'll receive all the training and support you need.

    For more information, head to the MDXSU website or email

    "Being a Student Voice Leader here at Middlesex University has taught me so much. I was given the opportunity to network, meet new people, make friends and build professional relationships. However, most importantly of all, this role gave me the opportunity to create positive change and make a genuine contribution to Middlesex's student body."

    - Aishah Piprawala, Student Voice Leader 2014/15 for 3rd Year Sociology with Criminology

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