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    Support & Wellbeing

    In line with Government guidance, our Support and Wellbeing services are moving online.

    UniHelp (general enquiries)

    All face-to-face support for students is suspended until further notice, but you can continue to contact UniHelp by phone or via our Chat service and online enquiry form between 8.30am and 9.30pm, Monday to Friday and 11.00am to 6.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

    Watch our video guide for UniHelp Chat
    Watch our video guide for UniHelp online enquiries
    Visit our dedicated Unihelp page for more information

    University Main Switchboard

    Tel: 020 8411 5000

    Disability and Dyslexia services

    Please email our disability team for help and support. Please include your contact number in your email.

    DSA Study Needs Assessments with the Access Centre at Middlesex University

    We continue to provide DSA advice, guidance, support and study needs assessments.

    Just email us. We are here for you and we will respond as soon as possible!

    DSA - Assistive Technology Training

    Our training has moved online, but we can still deliver an excellent service.

    Get in touch with us and we can discuss how to make it work for you!

    Counselling and Mental Health services

    There are two ways of requesting support from the CMH Service:

    • Access therapeutic support and connection to resources with a Mental Health Adviser or a Counsellor from our team: Please complete our Online Referral Form and an administrator will contact you to arrange a first appointment. At this time all appointments are conducted virtually through phone or video chat.
    • For a one-time virtual consultation about an urgent or pressing issue you are struggling with: Please submit a Call Back Request Form.

    Student Welfare Advice

    You are still able to contact our Student Welfare Advice team in the normal way:

    International Student Advice

    You can contact the International Student Advice Team as follows:

    • Email:
    • Tel: 020 8411 4507
    • On line enquiry (See Unihelp section above)
    • Make a phone appointment (remember to include your phone number)
    • Skype appointment upon request

    Health, wellbeing and self-care

    Looking after yourself is very important during this time.

    It is important that you are registered with a GP
    If you are NOT already registered with a GP, you can easily register online with The Uni Doctor

    You can download Fika, a mental fitness app designed for daily use, and Togetherall, an online support platform which allows you to connect with others anonymously in a moderated forum, with self-help guides and courses to work on your mental health. Keep up to date with the latest resources for #TeamMDX to keep you feeling at your best.

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