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Support & Wellbeing

We offer lots of support, activities and opportunities at MDX. If you have a specific support or wellbeing need, we can help identify the right service for you. Simply follow the questions below to find the guidance, service or contact information for your needs.

Your wellbeing

To succeed during your time at University, you should develop healthy self-care routines and reach out for support as soon as you think you might need it. There are a few basic things you can do to best set yourself up for success:

  • Register with a General Practitioner (GP/doctor) close to your term-time address and that you ensure that your vaccinations are up to date. Any student living in London can register with The Uni Doctor in just a few minutes online and access appointments on campus, on the phone, or at their practice in Wembley.
  • Download the Fika app to sustain and develop your mental fitness.
  • Explore and utilise the self-care resources available to you.
  • Explore support service information to know where you can go for support ahead of time.

Support and wellbeing if you’re living overseas

Your location, if not in the UK, may impact on your access to some services and resources, and we have provided information and guidance below on how to reach out to available support – both through the University and through external services in your current location. Find out more on our overseas support page.

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