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    Students' Union

    Everyone who studies at Middlesex University is part of Middlesex Students' Union, which exists to support you, represent you and help you make the most of your time at university.

    Middlesex Students' Union, or MDXSU, is lead by four full-time, elected Student Officers - one President and three Vice Presidents. They studied at MDX, and were voted into their positions through the MDXSU Elections, which all registered students can vote in. They campaign on issues that matter to you both on campus and beyond, and make sure that the student voice is heard when it comes to university decisions.

    As well as making sure you're represented, being a member of MDXSU also gives you access to opportunities that enable you to meet new people, develop your skills, discover new talents and boost your employability.

    To find out more about your Students' Union, visit or visit the MDXSU Welcome Desk downstairs in MDX House.

    MDXSU are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and their free MDXSU App is a great way of keeping up to date with social events on campus. Search MDXSU App to download!


      • Societies and Liberation Assemblies

        Middlesex Students' Union oversees over 60 student groups, giving you the chance to meet like-minded people, discover new interests, develop your skills, grow a community at Middlesex, and have fun!

        At MDXSU, there are a wide range of Societies to choose from - from cultural and religious groups, to academic and general interest Societies. You can join as many existing ones as you like, or you can start your own.

        All societies have access to:

        * Space on campus to hold meetings and events

        * Financial backing and fundraising guidance

        * Promotional support from the Students' Union, plus a webpage on

        * Guidance on how to succeed as a Society and grow your membership

        MDXSU also oversees four Liberation Assemblies - groups of students that come together to network, share experiences and campaign for change. The Assemblies focus on students who face oppression and discrimination and are often underrepresented and disadvantaged during their time at University, whether in their education or in wider society.

        There are four Liberation Assemblies on campus, for women students, disabled students, black students (of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage) and LGBT students (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

        Find out more at, or contact us at

      • Your Student Voice Leader community

        At Middlesex, every student has a say in how both your course and your university is run, from timetabling to the cost of food - anything that affects you as a student.

        Your Student Voice Leader is an elected student who represents your year or your course, and gathers feedback from you and your fellow students on any issues you've encountered or ideas you have. They will then bring your views to programme leaders for your course at Boards of Studies meetings, as well as to termly campus-wide Student Voice Conferences with fellow Student Voice Leaders.

        There are hundreds of Student Voice Leaders across all years and all courses at Middlesex, working closely with the six elected School Voice Leaders who represent the six MDX Schools as well as your elected Student Officers.

      • Interested in becoming a Student Voice Leader? Here are 5 benefits‚Ķ

        1. You can make major policy decisions which directly improve your course and your school.

        2. You receive training that will boost your employability and confidence as a leader, delivered by professionals. You will also have access to a 'build your own leadership' programme, with compulsory key Student Leader skills, as well as optional extras which include campaigns, problem solving, communication (writing persuasively, debating, public speaking) and assertiveness.

        3. You're entitled to represent your coursemates by voting on policy at Student Voice Conferences hosted by the Students' Union during term time. Here you also receive training and debate on wider higher education issues.

        4. You can build networks with people on similar courses at School Policy meetings and gain experience in effective coalition-building and leadership.

        5. You have power to create positive change, and make a genuine contribution to the Middlesex community.

        Nominations and elections for Student Voice Leaders are held at the start of the year - either October or January, depending on the start date of your course. Every student is invited to take part in the elections, whether by standing for election or voting for their preferred candidate.

        Find out more at or email

      • POW! Media

        POW! Media is the name of your student media, home to the award-winning POW! Mag, POW! FM, POW! TV and your two online digital blogs - POW! News and POW! Showcase.

        Whether you’re seeking a career in the media, want to develop your skills and try new things, or you’ve just got an incredible taste in music that needs to be shared, POW! is your platform for showcasing your talents and expressing your views.

        All of our platforms are student run, and include an award-winning student magazine, a blossoming TV station and the ever-popular POW! FM. New for this year is POW! Digital, our online hub for all your student media, and featuring two new blogs: POW! News and POW! Showcase.

        For more information, visit or email POW! Media Coordinator Tyelle at

      • NUS Extra Student Discount Card

        As a member of MDXSU and the NUS, you are entitled to a wide range of exclusive student discounts at high street brands, travel services and entertainment providers.

        The NUS Extra Student Discount Card is all you need to access these offers, and all new students at Middlesex receive a free NUS Extra card for their first year!

        Having this card entitles you to discounts with Apple, Amazon, Co-op stores, Spotify, Asos, National Express buses, and many other brands and services. Check them all out here! The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) bolt-on for international discounts is available for £2.99 extra.

        For more information on collecting your card, or buying a card if you're not in your first year at Middlesex, email or

      • Your MDXSU Membership

        To take advantage of all these services and benefits, you don't need to do anything - all students of the University are automatically registered as members of MDXSU, and no fee is involved!

        If for any reason you would like to opt out of being a member, the 1994 Education Act made provision for you to do this. Middlesex University will implement this section of the act as follows:

        -         You can opt out of membership at any time during the academic year, although this should preferably be done within 14 days of enrolment, should you so wish.

        -         If you do decide to opt out you will have access to the full range of services provided by MDXSU.

        -         If you wish to opt out for a year, you should obtain the appropriate form from your campus student office during the designated opt-out period

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