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  • The SSF Treasure Hunt

Win an iPad

THE HUNT HAS BEGUN! But it's still not too late to sign-up! Fill out the form above

You will have until Sunday the 6th of March to complete your tasks. You can choose the tasks you want to take on – whether that be creative, crafty, fun, practical, strategic, tactical, skilful or adventurous!

When you sign up, you'll be sent a list of tasks to complete. All the tasks have points, and the person with the most points will win the grand prize. There will be tasks you can do alone and some tasks that you will need to do as a team (maximum 5 people). Some tasks will be on campus, but most will be challenges you can complete at home. You can join our Discord community to speak with other Treasure Hunters and to make teams for team tasks.

  • SSF Panels and Guests

Special Guests

Each year, the SSF brings you exclusive panels with high profile guests and this year is no different!

Join us for talks on how to boost your employability while at University, a Q&A with Alec Ross on the state of capitalism and how to improve the lives of ordinary people, and a panel on the most pressing environmental issues and what we can do about them.

You do not need to be a participant in the Treasure Hunt to join our panels. Anyone is welcome to join!

Knowledge, Skills and Experience - How They Can Help You Succeed with Dr Simon Best, Andrea Campbell (LinkedIn Learning), and Alan Stuart (MDXWorks) plus a special video by Tim Campbell MBE

1st of March, 6pm to 7pm GMT

Everyone knows that universities provide students with degrees—a way to evidence their expertise in a specific subject area. But is that all that students gain when studying? Join this panel to discuss all the skills and experiences students can gain while studying at Middlesex and how these can be turned into selling points for when they enter the career market.

Andrea, Simon and Alan Stuart will join us to give their unique perspectives on working, studying, and finding graduate jobs. In addition to this, Tim Campbell will share with us a video detailing advice specifically for MDX students. Tim is a winner of BBC's The Apprentice and is co-founder of Marketing Runners Ltd. Dr Simon Best is a senior lecture in Management and leads the Enterprise Development Hub. Andrea is Senior Customer Success Manager for LinkedIn Learning, and Alan heads MDXWorks.

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Bringing Business, Politics, and People Back into Alignment with Tim Campbell MBE and Kurt Barling

2nd March, 6-7pm (GMT)

With a focus on Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship, Tim Campbell has established a ground-breaking charitable foundation, currently chairs an outstanding school board and regularly speaks on these topics at conferences and after dinner events internationally. This has led him to his most recent activity as Regional Head of Africa and Trading Futures lead for the recently voted best Proprietary Trading company in 2020, OSTC Group and Diversity and Inclusion strategic advisor for global talent acquisition company AMS.

Kurt Barling is an award-winning journalist who worked for the BBC for over twenty years and is now a Professor of Journalism at Middlesex University. He has also recently taken on the role of Theme Director for Inclusive socio-economic development and enriching lives through culture. His filmography and journalism include Assignment, Newsnight, The Money Programme, Today, Black Britain, and BBC News. Amongst his many journalism awards Kurt is particularly proud of the 5 National RIMA awards for his reporting on diversity in the UK, Africa, the Caribbean and the US, more than any other British journalist.  Kurt is author and editor of 4 books including the international bestseller Darkness over Germany (2018), Abu Hamza: Guilty (2014) and the polemic The R Word: Racism (2015).In this webinar,

Tim and Kurt will talk about how corporations and governments have become increasingly tangled, allowing the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. They will also discuss how innovative economic and political models could create a new way of working - one that benefits workers and everyday citizens in the face of unprecedented global change.

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A New Climate: Re-telling The Future with Alysoun Barrett Bolger, Angela Lowe and Justin Davis

3rd of March, 6-7pm (GMT)

Climate change continues to impact the planet, and human activities affect the Earth’s ecosystems. Although it’s a complex and multi-faceted issue, it’s time to take action and work together to save our precious planet! Join our panel of world-leading environmental activists and experts as they share their expertise and advice to combat the climate crisis. Alysoun Barret Bolger is an Executive Board Member at Biodynamic Federation Demeter International and Programme Coordinator at Biodynamic Agricultural College.

Angela Lowe is a Principal Consultant in the area of Marine Biology and Director of her own company, Medley Marine. She has over 15 years’ experience in marine and coastal environmental consultancy primarily spent working on major UK marine renewables (offshore wind and tidal) and international oil and gas projects. Angela has provided environmental and ecological inputs and advice across the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf of Mexico for a wide range of clients. Justin is currently leading the marine licensing process for Green Ocean Farming, a UK based seaweed aquaculture startup.

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