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    International student support

    We are proud to be a global university, with over 145 nationalities across our campuses in London, Dubai and Mauritius. Our international community is just one of the things that makes us unique and at MDXworks, we support students from all nationalities to achieve career success.

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    As an international student, we would like to extend our support in your job search. Student Circus offers you the chance to find excellent opportunities, such as exclusive Skilled Worker Visa jobs, internships (including start-up internships) and placements.

    Employers willing to sponsor the Skilled Worker Visa, listed on the platform, include Airbus, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company, Land Rover, Siemens and many more. For more details, you can visit www.studentcircus.com.

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    • Working while studying

    As an international student, you may have restrictions on the number of hours you can work during your studies.

    The rules surrounding working in the UK are complex and will depend on several conditions attached to your stay in the UK.

    Check your visa permissions

    Before looking for work, check that you have permission to do so, as working without permission could have serious consequences.

    Usually, if you are on a course that is longer than 6 months, you will likely have a Student Route (formerly Tier 4) visa which means that you can work in the UK during your studies.

    However, this comes with certain conditions such as making sure that you're working no more than 20 hours per week during term-time.

    In addition:

    • You should not occupy a full-time position
    • You cannot work as a professional sports person or entertainer
    • You cannot be self-employed.

    Find out more working during your studies

    Working during vacations

    During the vacations, or if you have finished your course and are waiting for results, there is no limit on the number of hours worked.

    If you are a Postgraduate student undertaking research or writing up during the vacation period, you will continue to be restricted to 20 hours.

    Find a part-time job

    We recommend exploring MDXworks.com and Unitemps as starting points for finding a part-time job while studying:

    • Placements and internships

    All international students are able to undertake a work placement or internship.

    Placements as part of your course

    If your placement forms an integral part of your degree course, you may be able to work full-time.

    However, you must ensure that your placement or internship position has been approved by the MDXworks team by completing the relevant placement paperwork, before you start your placement.

    It is essential that you do not start a full-time placement or internship until it is approved and reported, or you will be in breach of your visa conditions.

    Get support in your search

    We are here to support you with your placement / internship search and offer 1:1 guidance to help you to explore your options, as well as resources and jobs boards to help you identify opportunities.

    These include:

    • MDXworks - placements and internships are uploaded daily to our online career centre
    • Student Circus - advertise placements and internships from employers who are registered to sponsor the UK Tier 2 visa
    • UKCISA - get advice for working students
    • Working after studying

    Many international students wish to remain in the UK after their studies and find a full-time job.

    If this is something you'd like to do, there are a few important things that you must check. Get in touch with our International Student Advice team to be clear on your options.

    We also recommend checking GOV.UK for the latest information on work visa's as well as UKCISA for advice on working after your studies.

    Additional job hunting advice for international students can be found via:

    Returning home

    Whilst London has previously been voted as the best student city in the world for studying abroad (QS Best Student Cities, 2018), we understand that not everyone wants to stay!

    UKCISA has great resources and advice for preparing to go home as well as information about finding jobs back home

    Get in touch

    The International Student Advice Team can help explore your after graduation options

    Phone: 0208 411 4507

    Email: intadvice@mdx.ac.uk

    • Finding opportunities

      When it comes to finding suitable opportunities, we recommend that you start your search as early as possible.

      After completing your course you may have a few months left on your visa before it expires. However, this only offers a limited period to find a job so we advise that you start planning during your studies.

      Things that you can do to maximise your employment prospects whilst studying include:

      • Working part-time
      • Volunteering
      • Networking with industry professionals via LinkedIn and in-person
      • Undertaking an extracurricular programme
      • Getting in touch with organisations and enquire about opportunities, whilst pitching yourself to them – e.g. perhaps there is a project you could be working on during your studies to aid their business.

      Remember that during this time the above ‘work while studying’ conditions remain.

    • Finding a graduate job (Graduate Route)

      The Graduate Route provides an opportunity for international students who have been awarded their degree to stay in the UK and work, or look for work, at any skill level for 2 years, or 3 years for doctoral students.

      Read more about the Graduate Route

    Finding sponsorship

    To work in the UK beyond the 2 year Graduate Route, you will need your current or future employer to be a registered Tier 2 sponsor. You can check the Home Office register of Tier 2 and 5 sponsors.

    It's important to note that the register does not guarantee that a company will be able to sponsor you even if they can or have previously, and just because an organisation is not on the list, doesn’t mean that you cannot apply to work with them!

    The employer may be willing to become a registered sponsor to hire you, if you are the best candidate for the job.

    When approaching employers, make sure that you’re equipped with knowledge and information about visa sponsorship so that you can be clear in your messaging. You may wish to signpost to government guidance or additional online resources that you find.

    For further support finding work in the UK, get in touch.

    • Starting your own business

    If you are in the UK on a Student Route (Tier 4) visa, you cannot work on a self-employed or freelance basis. The means that you also cannot set up a business while studying.

    If you have a business idea, we have a dedicated programme, MDXcelerator, which offers guidance and support for aspiring entrepreneurs.

    This programme is open to all students and recent graduates (up to two years from graduation) so, if you are an early stages entrepreneur that would like to grab the opportunity of growing your business, keep an eye out for details on how and when to apply.

    If you are serious about developing your business idea, you may be able to apply for a start-up visa.

    • Get in touch

    Booking a 1:1 appointment

    Whether you’re looking for a job while studying, a placement or internship as part of your course, or a full-time graduate role, we have a team of advisers to support you with specific career related information, advice and guidance.

    You can book any appointment for:

    • CV, cover letter and application review
    • Interview support
    • Placement, internship and work experience search
    • Finding part-time work
    • Graduate job search
    • Self-employment/entrepreneurship advice
    • Further study applications.

    Book an appointment with a Faculty Employability Adviser or, alternatively, if you cannot find any available slots, please email our MDXworks team or call 0208 411 6161.

    Currently, appointments will take place via video chat (e.g. Zoom or MS Teams) or over the telephone.

    Advice on work visa's

    We are not authorised to give advice on work permits or visa information, and you must make an appointment with the International Student Advice team to discuss these options.

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