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Funding and financial support

If you have an unexpected financial emergency and you are at risk of leaving your studies, please contact the Student Welfare Advice Team (SWAT) for an appointment.

Get in touch with the Student Welfare Advice Team or UniHelp at MDX if you need support whilst studying here.

Learn more about how we support our students through financial challenges

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  • Funding Support

  • Living Costs Fund

    The Living Costs Fund (LCF) is designed to provide a safety net to help you to continue to study as you adjust to your student income.

    To qualify for a food voucher or money, you must be in financial hardship.

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  • Tuition and maintenance loans

    Many UK and EU students are eligible to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate loans to help meet tuition and living costs.

    See what support is available

  • Scholarships and bursaries

    We have a range of scholarships to support students from different backgrounds and as a celebration of academic achievement.

    There are also busaries and funding available for PGCE students.

    Choose a scholarship or bursary

  • Unitemps

    We have our own MDX employment agency, with loads of jobs at Middlesex and locally, helping you earn extra cash and gain valuable experience.

    See what support is available

  • Government support

    Although, not directly targeted towards students, there are many Government funds to help with things such as childcare, energy bills, and housing, which you may be eligible for.

    View available Government funds

  • US loans

    If you're an International student from the USA, you might be entitled for the US loan.

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  • NHS travel expenses

    As an NHS student, you could be eligible for claiming your travel and accommodation expenses when travelling for placement and practice opportunities. if you do not have the funds for initial travelling to placements, please utilise the Living Costs Fund.

    See how to claim

  • Welfare benefits

    Benefit regulations are complicated and only a few groups of students can claim benefits. For example, people with children and people with a disability.

    Have a look through our guides for more information and guidance

  • Reducing cost of studying

Hunter and Ajay tell us about support that is available from the uni to help you get through the cost of living crisis. Studying can be expensive and we want you to have the help you need to get the most out of your time at Middlesex.

  • Take advantage of

    • During term time, you can get a hot meal when coming to campus, with free breakfasts and dinners twice a week from the hot food counter in the Quad. Find more discounts and promotions via the Food on Campus UniHub page
    • Free printing for academic purposes for all students, which saves on average £100 per year, per student. We don't require any printing as part of any course
    • We offer free laptops for loan for students on campus, investing recently in 1,000 additional laptops. We also offer access to wide range of software via AppsAnywhere and Splashtop
    • Take what you need - period products are now available for free at Quad reception and MDXSU reception. Find out more here
    • Active Start - Sign up for free access to a 10-week physical activity programme. Sessions available include supervised gym sessions in the Fitness Pod, group sport and exercise classes and many more
    • We run amazing social, developmental and wellbeing events that you can join throughout the year. Find out more on UniHub

  • Further support

    • Our on campus library is open for you 24/7 during term time. We also have an online library collection, including a wealth of etextbooks and journals that you can access from home. We've made sure our library collection has a copy of every core book you need for your modules, and everything on your reading list. If we don't have it, let us know and we'll get a copy
    • We also have microwaves and hot water dispensers available for you to bring your own food from home. These are available in CG42 (College Building) and Sheppard Library café
    • We've found hundreds of study/social spaces across London that you can access as an MDX student. This helps save time and money on travel costs for days when you don’t need to be on campus. Check out the Maps tile on MDXapp and click 'off campus'
    • There's reduced gym membership available for you at the Fitness Pod, including free gym classes, and access to gym equipment and facilities
    • On average, a student who utilises the services of the Kit Hub will save over £3,000 each year of study throughout their time at Middlesex - this is compared to the cost of accessing the same equipment elsewhere
    • Any costs as part of your programme are clearly stated within your programme handbook (accessible within MyLearning), so you can plan ahead
    • Middlesex has linked up with Housing Hand to provide a discounted Guarantor service for anyone who needs help getting a guarantor for private rented accommodation
  • Tips and advice to save money

  • Tech

    • Check out the Student Discount you can get on Apple Products
    • If you need a new laptop, Dell have a student discount
    • Free MS Office suite is also available to all students - so you don't need to pay for your own licenses
    • If you've moved away from home for your studies, you may not need to get a separate TV license. If you're using a device that is not plugged in, then you can be covered by an existing home TV license. All details on the TV Licensing website
  • Travel

    • Get 30% off travelcards and bus + tram passes with the student oyster discount card. This may not be worth getting if you are only travelling a few days a week, as you only get the discounts on the travelcards (which assume frequent usage)
    • Students commuting to campus might find avoiding zone 1 cheaper. Use the TfL single fare finder to work out the cheapest way to get to campus
    • MDX Freewheelers cycle loan scheme is open to all students at MDX , with free bicycles available for hire on ½, 1 and 3 day loan periods. Our bikes are free* to use and are a great way to get around, stay healthy and build up those MDXMoves points!
    • Find out more Information about 'Rent a Bike Schemes' in London as an alternative to public transport or a way to  make additional income (for e.g: Deliveroo)
    • Get a third off National Rail travel with a National Railcard
  • Shopping and entertainment

  • Food and drink

    • You can also use the Too Good to Go app off campus, as many other outlets use this to communicate about discounted food options. Olio is a similar app you can use to find discounted food that would otherwise be thrown away
    • Our local pubs, The Claddagh Ring and the Greyhound, both offer a 10% discount, as long as you show your Middlesex ID when ordering
  • Resources

    • Check out the Student money cheat sheet on managing and saving money and more with this student resource leaflet
    • Get an idea of the best money resources for students here
    • The budgeting guide - Budgeting spreadsheet for you to download, list of the best student budgeting apps, and a budgeting hack that could save you money each year
    • Times Higher Education have some great advice on where to find student discounts
    • Keep an eye on the Money Saving Expert Student Guides for advice and tools to help you save money while studying
  • External support

    • Check out what Barnet Council are doing to help with the Cost Of Living
    • Choosing the best student bank account for you can be tricky. Student bank account comparison compares the top banks and what they have to offer students in 2023 makes it easy.
  • Student Welfare Advice Team

Our Student Welfare Advice Team (SWAT) have produced a number of information guides designed to provide support and advice during your studies.

You can also book an appointment with the Student Welfare Advice Team via UniHelp online.

  • Money Management and Debt

    This guide aims to help you organise your finances is to prepare a personal budget or financial statement.

    Find out more

  • Where's my money? Common problems

    Why hasn’t my student loan arrived? How can I get more support? These are some of the questions students ask each year. Read this guide to find a few answers to questions like these.

    Find out more

  • Banks

    At the start of each academic year the high street banks will be offering numerous enticements to ensure that they can benefit from the student market. But beware! There is more to a bank than cash give-aways or freebies; after all free gifts won’t help pay the rent at the end of the year.

    Find out more

  • Charities for International and EU students

    This guide aims to provide information to International and EU Students who may (or may not) find themselves facing financial hardship OR fund raising for their future course costs

    Find out more

  • Charities for UK students

    This guide aims to provide information to UK students studying at Middlesex University and who find themselves in financial hardship

    Find out more

  • Childcare Grant and money for student parents

    This guide aims to give you a brief overview of the variety of extra funding available to student parents starting their course in academic year 2022/23

    Find out more

  • Housing costs and your rights

There can be a lot to think about when moving into a new property and Housing Law can be complicated, so it is important that you know your rights.We have put together a number of advice guides as well as those from Gov.uk that can help you understand the details of renting a home:

Our Welfare team can also talk through your options if you're still not sure.

Get in touch

  • Eviction

If you're threatened with eviction there are strict procedures that landlords must follow for the eviction to be legal. The procedures vary depending on the type of tenancy agreement you have and the terms of the agreement.

Contact your Local Authority for more information.

The charity Shelter also run an independent and free housing advice helpline: 0808 800 4444

  • Money management resources

The following services and organisations specialise in helping you manage your money, from savings and budgeting to student discounts and funding:

  • Citizens Advice Barnet adviser Sayeed talks through common questions people have about energy tariffs.

  • In this video an adviser talks you through every element of a standard electricity bill.

    In this video our energy adviser Natalie addresses some of the key worries and questions people have about their energy bills.

If you are threatened with eviction there are strict procedures that landlords must follow for the eviction to be legal. The procedures vary depending on the type of tenancy agreement you have and the terms of the agreement.

Contact your Local Authority for more information.

The charity Shelter also run an independent and free housing advice helpline: 0808 800 4444

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