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I feel safe

At Middlesex, we’re committed to creating a learning and working environment free of any form of bullying and harassment. This Autumn, our Inclusion and Wellbeing Team are leading on ‘I feel safe’, an anti-harassment campaign to raise awareness and highlight key resources and support options for all #TeamMDX

It's important we respond and stop discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation, violence or any other form of hate.

Call it out

If appropriate, and only if you feel comfortable and safe doing so, call out the behaviour and tell the person(s) concerned to stop.

You can also tell a member of staff, such as your tutor, and ask them to call it out.

Report student misconduct

To report student misconduct, please complete the online Report.It.To.Stop.It form.

A member of the Care and Concern team will be in touch to discuss your concerns and talk you through the possible next steps.

Read our guidance on what will happen if you choose to report discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation, violence or any other form of hate concerning a Middlesex student.

Report staff misconduct or university practice

To raise any issues relating to staff or university practice, please follow our Student Complaints and Grievance procedure.

You should try to resolve any staff or university practice issues directly by raising the complaint with the member(s) of staff concerned.

If this isn't possible or you don’t feel comfortable, you can complete the Stage 1 Early Resolution online form which will be sent to the relevant Executive Officer (or equivalent) or the Director/Head of department who will determine the best course of action.

Report anonymously

If you don't want to be identified, you can complete the online Report.It.To.Stop.It form anonymously. This can be used for reporting student or staff misconduct as well as university practice.

Please note that if you chose to report anonymously, the University will not be able to contact you to provide support. It might also mean that an investigation or formal process will not be initiated.

However, the information you provide will inform our understanding of incidents within our student community and help better protect all students from future harm.

Please note

You will not be treated any less favourably by the University or suffer any detriment or disadvantage if you make an allegation in good faith, regardless of whether or not the allegation results in a penalty.

  • Confidentiality

    Throughout the reporting process, you will be treated with sensitivity and you won't be expected to talk about anything which isn’t essential.

    The upmost regard will be given to confidentiality at all times. However, please be aware that documents used during the reporting process could be requested by the police and, in particular cases, staff involved in the investigation could be asked to give evidence in court.

    There may also be limited circumstances in which the University will disclose information about your report to third parties but this information will only be shared when absolutely necessary.

  • Precautionary measures

    The University may take a number of precautionary actions prior to or during an investigation to ensure your safety, to help you feel comfortable on campus, and to minimise the impact on your academic studies and university life.

    These actions include suspension (the temporary removal of a student from the University, pending the outcome of an investigation) or restrictive measures (such as forbidding a student from entering a certain building on campus or restricting their access to specified days or times).

    For misconduct which may also constitute a criminal offence, the University will be careful not to take action which might prejudice a police investigation.

    If a police investigation is underway, or about to commence, except for precautionary measures, the University will wait until the criminal process is over before commencing its investigation.

Advice and guidance

Use the Pathways tool for more information on reporting and getting support following an incident of sexual violence, harassment, or hate crime.

It's important to understand the reporting process so you know what's happening at each stage. Download our Report.It.To.Stop.It process sheet.

Download our fact sheets below to find out more about what to do following specific incidents and how to get support:

  • We are listening. We are here to help

    Help us create and maintain an inclusive community

  • Middlesex University is No Home for Hate

    If you experience hate, it's important you seek help

If you witness hate, don't just stand by

Get in touch

For questions about reporting student misconduct, please email our Care and Concern team or call 028 411 6200.

For questions about reporting staff misconduct and university practice, please email our Student and Legal Affairs team.

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