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MDXcelerator Resources: Co-founders And Mentors

In this resource collection, you'll develop the skills needed for productive co-founder relationships and meaningful interactions with mentors. You'll also gain insights to make informed decisions about working solo or as part of a team. These resources are designed to empower you with the knowledge and abilities necessary for effective collaboration and mentorship on your entrepreneurial path.

  • Co-founder Relationships

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    From talking about the elephant in the room to setting clear goals, these seven steps to founder communication success can help save your relationship and company.

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  • Engage With Mentors

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    In this section, you will learn techniques for holding productive mentor meetings and optimising interactions to address challenges and gain insights that could change the course of your company.

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  • Solo vs Team

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    Investors are always going to ask this question when a solo founder approaches them... “Why are you alone?”—The stigma of being a solo founder.

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