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MDXcelerator Resources: Financial Considerations

Discover a variety of resources tailored to university entrepreneurs seeking funding and support. Access comprehensive information on funding opportunities, including a directory of venture capital funds. Explore the intricacies of fundraising and learn about pricing and revenue models. From financial planning to funding applications, these resources provide valuable guidance. Gain a foundational understanding of bookkeeping, learn how to effectively manage your finances, and explore the intricacies of cost structures.

  • Funding And Support For University Entrepreneurs

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    Starting a business at university? Startups.co.uk guides you through the wealth of support and finance available to students across the country...

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  • Venture capital funds: A-Z Directory

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    Here is a list of the venture capital funds you need to be aware of if you are looking for early-stage investment.

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  • All You Need To Know About Pre-Seed Funding

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    Suddenly it’s possible to have a great idea and not need to have accumulated personal wealth to fund the initial push.

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  • Pricing And Revenue Models

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    It’s a subject of great debate within the startup community: Do you need a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to seek (and raise) pre-seed funding?

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  • Busienss Finances Support

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    From financial planning to funding applications, we've curated expert resources and guides to help you manage your small business finances without the fuss.

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  • Basics of Bookkeeping

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    Managing your finances is key as a business owner and helps you to budget, prepare tax returns, plan for the future and so much more.

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  • Understand Your Finances

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    In this module we’re going to take a closer look at the viability of your business model and give you some crucial tools to help you understand and manage your finances.

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  • Financial Management

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    In this module we are going to look at how to put a profit and loss statement together for your business. Start by downloading and saving the workbook to your computer.

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  • Cost Structure

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    In this module we’re going to explore the viability of your business model, specifically looking at the cost structure, in conjunction with your revenue streams.

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  • Cash Flow Forcast Template

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    A Cash Forecast is a tool for recording how much money you are likely to have coming in and out of your business at any point. You will be required to submit a Cash Forecast with your final Start Up Loan application.

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  • Personal Survival Budget

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    A Personal Survival Budget calculates how much of your monthly income is left over after you’ve paid all of your bills and expenses. You will be required to submit a Personal Survival Budget with your final Start Up Loan application.

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