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MDXcelerator Resources: Pitching Your Business

Unlock the art of effective pitching with this resource collection. Learn the nuances of delivering an impactful elevator pitch and master the art of presenting your business pitch. Discover strategies for building and managing your investor pipeline, and hone your pitch further with tips to perfect your 60-second presentation. These resources provide valuable insights to help you confidently and persuasively communicate your business ideas to potential investors and stakeholders.

  • Give Your Elevator Pitch

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    Thirty seconds may be all the time you have to get the attention and curiosity of an investor or prospective customer.

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  • Master Your Pitch

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    Inform and entertain while communicating the belief that you are a low-risk high-return investment for this investor.

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  • Building Your Investor Pipeline

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    Fundraising is a complex, opaque, and often lengthy process and having a strategy in place can help improve your odds of raising capital.

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  • How to Pitch And Win Business

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    Simon Sinek joins podcast to discuss how he wins business by creating the most compelling sales pitches.

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  • Pitch Master Podcast

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    Danny Fontaine, AKA Pitchguy, interviews the masters of the advertising, sales and marketing industries to find out how THEY win business.

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  • The 10 Rules of Deck Design

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    Slide decks are part of life in most companies. They win you business, they secure investment, they educate your colleagues, they give your research a narrative.

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