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MDXcelerator Resources: Starting Your Business

This set of resources will equip you with valuable skills for your entrepreneurial path. You'll learn to set clear objectives, develop an understanding of business models, hone your creativity for idea generation, write efficient Lean Canvases, and discover effective techniques for market research and customer and product partner acquisition.

  • Setting Your Goals

    Picture of a piggy bank

    Entrepreneurs shouold adopt a growth mindset to boost their business and personal performance. But how can they best set out a path to reach their goals?

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  • Building a growth mindset

    Picture of a whitebiard in whihc you can read the word planning

    This course will introduce you to a simple one-page business plan. It’ll help you to connect the different parts of your business and spot ways to improve.

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  • Craft Your Problem Statements

    Picture of two hands holdin jigsaw puzzle pieces and bringing them together

    In order for your startup to be successful, you first need to identify and articulate the problem you're solving. Here's how to do it effectively.

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  • Build Your Lean Canvas

    Screenshot of YouTube thumbnail from the course introduction

    This tool will help you think through how to describe your business by looking at your customers, their problem, the unique value you and your team provides, your solution, and more.

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  • How to Research Your Market

    Screenshot of YouTube thumbnail from the course introduction

    When starting a business, it's a good idea to look at the industry landscape. This will help inform your ideal marketing strategy, how you position your product, and so much more.

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  • Find Customers and Partners

    Screenshot of the course YouTube thumbnail

    Understand the art of conducting comprehensive market research, including techniques for identifying your target customers, analysing competitors, and pricing your products.

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