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Library & IT policies

These policies are designed to ensure that all users within the library (including any area managed by the library) may obtain the maximum benefit from the facilities.

  • Policies

    • University ID cards

      Students and staff at Middlesex are issued with a University ID card. You must carry this card at all times and be able to produce it upon demand. Access rules for visitors can be found on the Services for Visitors page.

      The card has several purposes:

      • To identify you as you move around University premises as an authorised user of resources.
      • To identify you for security purposes.
      • To identify you to enable you to borrow resources. Your account numbers are on the card and resources cannot be issued without it.
      • To give you access to your library and computing accounts. Changes to your account such as passwords cannot be made without your card being shown.

      If your card is lost or stolen you must immediately report this to the security office. If you change your address you must update your details in myUniHub in the My Personal Record section on the My Admin & Finances page.

    • Personal property

      You are responsible for your own property at all times. The library takes no responsibility for lost or stolen property, of any kind, including resources borrowed from the library. If items are stolen from you, they are still your responsibility and must be paid for.

    • Respecting others

      Libraries provide a variety of study space for students to work in. These include:

      • Silent study areas
      • Group discussion areas
      • Group Work Rooms
      • Open access areas
      • Classrooms

      You must observe the signs and act appropriately for the area that you are in. This includes observing the appropriate noise levels (eg: silence in a Silent area).

      Priority will always be given to academic study.

      You must move around the area with respect for others who are working. It is inappropriate to run around these areas, sit on tables or in any way annoy other users.

    • Eating and drinking on library premises

      Please refer to the signage in each area which lets you know what items of food and drink are acceptable. Please be aware that hot food is not allowed anywhere within the library and no food is allowed within silent study areas.

      Food and drink does create litter so please use the bins provided to avoid creating a dirty and unpleasant working environment.

    • Mobile phone use

      Please refer to the signage throughout the library which indicates whether use of mobile phones is permitted within each area. Please be aware of others working around you and try to make or receive calls in an appropriate manner in order to avoid disturbing your colleagues.

      You are reminded that no use of mobile phones is permitted within silent study areas.

    • Children on library premises

      Children are allowed in the library but must be accompanied at all times and must be signed in at the Reception Desk. (Please refer to the appropriate University Health and Safety Policy on Children on University premises.)

    • Data protection

      Please view  the University Data Protection policy For further information, please view Middlesex University's Computing Regulations

    • Copyright

      For full details about copyright please visit the Copyright webpages.

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