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    Who are we?

    We are the Learning Enhancement Team (LET), a team of specialists here to help you get the most out of your time at University, giving you the tools and support you need to excel in all aspects of your studies which relate to Academic Writing & Language and Maths, Stats & Numeracy.

    We offer free help to all students here at Middlesex through 2 key services:

    1. Academic Writing and Language (AWL)

    We specialise in teaching the use of language to communicate effectively in academic contexts. This may range from general academic language used in any subject and in any writing, to the very specific academic language and styles required in specific disciplines and/or types of writing. We often work with subject lecturers to make certain we know exactly the academic language and styles all students at Middlesex need to be able to use! There are different AWL co-ordinators for each School.

    2. Maths, Stats and Numeracy (MSN)

    We specialise in teaching the maths and numeracy you need to succeed at university and beyond. We also teach you how to understand and use statistics in your studies. Maths and statistics are not everyone's favourite topic, but it's certainly our favourite topic – and our aim is to make you love it too!

    How to access our services

    Note: During the Covid-19 period, LET is not running face-to-face workshops, drop-ins or tutorials on campus. However, you can speak to us in online LET Tutorials

    You can also access our online self-study resources for guidance on academic writing and language, and maths, stats and numeracy.

    We are always very keen to get feedback from our students; please Tell us what you think!

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