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Postgraduate UK (Home) fees and finance

The decision to study at University is a financial investment, so it is vital that you check what funding is available and apply for it as soon as you can. There are consequences of late payment of fees so we recommend that you sort out your finances before you even start with us.

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Paying your tuition fees

Tuition fees deadlines for 2023/2024

Start term 

Payment due date

Autumn starters

Monday 25 September 2023

Winter/Spring starters (Jan 2024)

Monday 15 January 2024

Trouble making a payment?

Submit a query

Contact the UniHelp team
Tel: 0208 411 6060
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

How to pay

There are a number of different ways to pay. Please read the information below carefully to find the service that is right for you.

In accordance with the UK Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act, the university is unable to accept payments originating from sanctioned countries (Iran, North Korea, Cuba and the Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk Provinces of Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Russia and Belarus). Please do not attempt to make a payment from a sanctioned country using the Convera platform or any other MDX online services; instead, please contact UniHelp for guidance.

  • Find a payment method for you

    • Bank transfer via Convera

      Middlesex University has partnered with Convera to provide you with the ability to pay by Bank transfer.

      Your parents or Sponsors can make a bank transfer via our partner Convera. They provide a secure, fast payment service so that you can pay your fees in your local currency and from your home bank account without worrying about paying exchange rates or bank charges.

      Pay via Convera

    • Card payment (credit or direct debit)

      Payment may be made online via MyUnihub. Once logged in, select the Administration and Finances tab followed by My Fees and Finances Portal.

    • Telephone payments

      If you are unable to pay online, you can pay by telephone using our Automated Telephone Payment Service which is available 24/7/365 by calling +44 (0)20 8411 6400 and select option 1.

      You can only pay by telephone for current or future year charges.

      For prior year charges, please use the Bank transfer facility as provided by Convera.

Struggling to pay your fees?

If your financial circumstances change and you are unable to meet your payment deadline, please contact our Student Welfare Advice Team at the earliest opportunity. They can give support and advice on, for example, sources of funding available.

You can contact the team by booking an appointment or raising a query through the UniHelp team.

We will assist where we can, however the quality of teaching is dependent upon funding and this is why the University must act to recover all outstanding debts.

If you are requesting to pay your fees outside of a standard instalment plan or payment deadline, you will be asked to provide documentary evidence to support your request before it can be considered. Please have this information to hand when contacting our Student Welfare team.

Unpaid fees

If you fail to pay your tuition fees or provide confirmation of sponsorship, you will be deregistered (e.g. you will be withdrawn from the university) at the end of learning week four and the option to pay via an instalment plan will no longer be available.

If you have been deregistered, you must pay the annual tuition fee in full plus a late payment charge of £200 in order to be re-instated. You will also not be permitted to re-enrol until your tuition fees have been paid. However, as you are not enrolled, you will be unable to access your student loan and so cannot use it to pay off any old debts.

Failing to pay the second or any subsequent payment instalments by your due date, will also result in deregistration.

If you have a tuition fee debt that becomes overdue, restrictions will be applied to your student account automatically. Restrictions may prevent you from re-enrolling, graduating or receiving your final transcript.

If you have outstanding tuition fee debts from a previous academic year, you will not be permitted to re-enrol. All tuition fee debts must be paid in full before you can return to undertake another year of study.

Alumni discount

If you are self-financing your degree and have already completed an Undergraduate degree at Middlesex University, you may be entitled to a 20% Alumni discount.

There is no separate application process to activate your discount - simply highlight that you are an alumni of Middlesex when applying for your course to ensure the bursary is applied.

Instalment plans

An instalment plan allows you to spread the cost of your tuition fees in instalments instead of paying your fees in full by the payment deadline. Unless you pay in full, please ensure you sign up for your preferred instalment plan option.


Students with a postgraduate loan

If you have already gained a postgraduate loan then the following instalment plan will be available to you:

% Autumn starters (Oct 2023) Winter/Spring starters (Jan 2024)
33% 27 September 2023 16 January 2024
33% 20 January 2024 21 May 2024
34% 14 May 2024 24 September 2024

If you are a self-financing student and you're unable to pay the full tuition fee at the start of the year, then the following instalment plans are available to you.

Student category


Due dates

Autumn starters


25 September 2023

8 January 2024

Winter/Spring starters (Jan 2024)


15 January 2024

9 April 2024

Students with fees greater than £1,500

If your annual fees are greater than £1,500, you will be able to pay your fees in six instalments from October to March. As a Postgraduate student, you have the option to request a three-part instalment plan that may more closely resemble your Postgraduate loan instalments. To do so you will need to follow the instructions below on signing up for an instalment plan:

Signing up to an instalment plan

To pay by instalment, you will need to request an instalment plan via this link. Once we approved your instalment plan, we will call you to register card details, and the University will automatically deduct the relevant payment from your card on the respective dates mentioned above.

Withdrawal and interruptions

If you're looking to withdraw from your course entirely or need to interrupt your studies for a while, we want to ensure that you're making the right decision for you. There may also be financial implications to think about too.

Understand your options

Need help?

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