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About Unitemps and part-time work

Part-time work can be a fantastic way to ’earn while you learn’, helping to support you through your studies.

It also provides invaluable opportunities to learn and develop new skills, enhance your CV and greatly increase your graduate employment prospects in what is a competitive jobs market.

Unitemps is the ideal place to look for paid flexible work both within the University and in the local community.

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Get in touch

We're currently online only from Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 5.00pm

Email: unitemps@mdx.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8411 5151
Website: www.unitemps.com

Jobs available for MDX students

To support you in gaining valuable work experience and skills, we offer a range of rewarding, flexible and enjoyable part-time work opportunities both on and off-campus. All of our part-time jobs can easily be fitted around your studies and holidays.

Roles we will be recruiting for include:

  • Student Ambassadors:
    • Welcome
    • Graduation
    • Student / Event Helpers
    • Professional Ambassadors
  • Student Learning Assistants
  • MDXSU Community Placement Interns
  • Marketing Interns
  • IT (Floor Walkers)
  • Sports Assistants
  • Fitness Assistants
  • Instructors

Our international students

Our Unitemps team is familiar with visa restrictions and can advise you on suitable opportunities to work during term time.

Please note that if you do not comply with the conditions of your visa, then the University is legally required to report you to the Home Office under Immigration rules.

Graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process for graduate programmes.

High Fliers: The Graduate Market (2019)

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