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Living Costs Fund

The Living Costs Fund

The Living Costs Fund (LCF) is designed to provide a safety net to help you to continue to study as you adjust to your student income.

Due to high demand, there are limited funds available.

Students in financial hardship and eligible, will receive a food voucher or small amount of money that can be used to buy some food, toiletries or pay all or part of a bill or childcare costs.

The Living Cost Fund will remain open until funds are exhausted.

To qualify for a food voucher or money, you must be in financial hardship.

The application includes a budget planner to help you manage your money during your studies.

The fund is open to enrolled students*, or those retaking modules this year. Money or vouchers do not need to be repaid.

Living Costs Fund Application Form

*The fund is not available for some programmes that are offered as joint programmes with NSPC (New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling), Metanoia and QAHE (QA Higher Education).

Already submitted an application?

If you have already submitted an application and need to attach additional documentation or view any updates, please log in to myUniHub.

Under the MyForms tab, you will be able to access or open your Living Costs Fund Form.

Where you can get help

Find a foodbank - The Trussell Trust

If you need emergency food, want to make a food donation or are interested in volunteering, find your nearest Trussell Trust food bank using our map.

Turn2us - Fighting UK Poverty

Funding Support

Exceptional costs fund

If you have an unexpected financial emergency and you are at risk of leaving your studies, please contact the Student Welfare Advice Team (SWAT) for an appointment during University opening times.

Book SWAT Appointment

Need guidance?

Speak to the Student Welfare and Advice Team (SWAT) during University opening times to discuss student funding.

Online enquiry

Phone appointment (include your phone number)

Call us: 020 8411 3008

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