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MDXBusinessConnect is a free-to-join networking platform for Business School students, staff and alumni.

Since its launch, 1000+ members have signed up to MDXBusinessConnect, the majority of whom are talented Business School graduates. Many of these are ready, willing and able to help our current students in a variety of ways.

With MDXBusinessConnect you can:

  • Connect with graduates who are at varying stages within their careers and working in both a diverse range of industries and professional functions
  • Find graduate mentors, search for job opportunities or work placements
  • Ask graduates if they can facilitate introductions to useful professional contacts
  • Create dedicated subject/interest area pages for those with a shared professional or personal interest
  • Advertise events, post photo albums, updates and access a certain number of articles from the Financial Times for free.

To make the sign up process to MDXBusinessConnect as simple as possible, we create very basic profiles for our Business School students. These contain very basic information: your name, your degree, your Middlesex University email address and your student number.

Your profile remains hidden until you choose to activate it. To find out more about how we protect your privacy or how to activate your profile, please click here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by email.

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Protecting your Privacy

MDXBusinessConnect is powered by Graduway, specialist providers of branded networking platforms to schools and universities. The site observes Graduway’s standard Privacy Policy, which you can read more about here (please note, you will only be taken directly to the Privacy Policy when clicking this link from a computer/lap top).

How do I activate my profile?

Even with pre-approval you will still have to sign up to the site using your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, or alternatively your email address. At this stage you can add further information if you choose to.

With pre-approval your profile will automatically be activated when you sign up instead of you having to wait for us to approve it. This means you can begin connecting with useful contacts straight away.

Opting Out

If you would prefer not to have a pre-approved profile created, you can opt out by emailing us. Please include your full name and student number in your opt out email.

General enquiries/concerns

If you have a question about how to get the most out of MDXBusinessConnect or want to report a concern about any of the content featured on the platform or another user, please get in touch.

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