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    MDXCrowdfund is Middlesex University’s easy-to-use, rewards-based crowdfunding platform for students, staff and graduates. Student crowdfunders have already raised more than £85,000 using the platform.

    You can use MDXCrowdfund to raise money for a wide variety of things – including creative projects, business ventures, events, societies or sports clubs, course-related projects, personal initiatives, and much more.

    Hear Grace’s story of how she raised nearly £10,000 and her tips for future crowdfunders:

    What is rewards-based crowdfunding?

    In rewards-based crowdfunding, you harness the power of ‘the crowd’, which can consist of family, friends, groups or individuals with shared interests, and anybody else keen to donate to your crowdfunding campaign.

    In return for their support, donors receive a small reward related to your crowdfunding project – e.g. a special thanks message or video, a film credit, a ticket to your event, show or gig, or even branded merchandise.

    £13,000 of matchfunding available for selected student crowdfunding projects!  

    Thanks to Santander, the MDXCrowdfund team has £13,000 to invest in selected student projects featured on the platform this academic year. 25 lucky student crowdfunders will each receive matchfunding of £520 for their campaigns. Not every crowdfunder will receive this but to be in with a chance, you’ll need to create a project on the platform.

    What is matchfunding?

    Matchfunding is when a crowdfunder is asked to raise some funding in order to unlock additional funding. You might be asked to raise £520. Once you have achieved this, the MDXCrowdfund team will then ‘match’ the amount, taking your campaign total to £1,040. Every project is different though and will be judged on its individual merits and circumstances.

    How will student crowdfunding campaigns be selected for matchfunding?

    To be considered for matchfunding, you will need to sign up to MDXCrowdfund, create a draft campaign and press publish once you are happy with it so the MDXCrowdfund team know it is ready for review.  You will also need to complete a matchfunding application form. Please email your completed form to

    When selecting matchfunding recipients, the MDXCrowdfund team will be looking out for projects that are particularly entrepreneurial, creative, and/or impactful in some way. They will also be looking for projects that help you to learn or develop new skills.

    Other reasons for choosing MDXCrowdfund

    MDXCrowdfund offers a number of other potential advantages too, regardless of whether your campaign is selected for matchfunding:

    -       Get 100% of what you raise. Many better known crowdfunding platforms and their payment processing partners take a combined percentage of around 8% of funds raised. Middlesex University covers all running costs associated with MDXCrowdfund.

    -       Dedicated 1-2-1 support. The MDXCrowdfund team offer advice very step of the way – from campaign creation to promotion.

    -       Greater promotion for your campaign. Middlesex University uses its own promotional channels to raise awareness of the platform and featured projects, potentially providing additional publicity for your campaign.

    -       Heightened trust. The fact MDXCrowdfund is run by a respected university should reassure donors that their money will be put to good use!

    Get in touch

    To find out more, please get in touch with the MDXCrowdfund team now at or visit

    Student crowdfunder testimonials:

    “Using the MDXCrowdfund platform has been a brilliant experience, and allowed me to raise £8,000 for my graduate short film ‘Nice to Meet You, Florence! The fact the system does not take a percentage out of the final amount raised is brilliant also and a massive incentive for using this platform. As evidenced on similar sites, this can take a huge cut out of what’s been raised.” - Lucy Evans (BA Film Graduate) - Nice to Meet You, Florence!

    The MDXCrowdfund website was very user friendly and it’s a great platform to raise money for a project close to your heart. The advice given by the MDXCrowdfund Team for our campaign was astonishing and truly helped us to reach our target. The team were immensely supportive not only during the process of getting our campaign live, but even after we had reached our funding goal.” - Michelle Horton (MA Youth Justice / MDX Dance Captain) – MDX Competitive Dance

    “At first, the prospect of using crowdfunding was intimidating but the support and advice received from the MDXCrowdfund team was priceless and definitely what kept me motivated to achieve my goal.” - Khaleel Johnson (BA Advertising, PR and Media) – Conformity Magazine

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