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    About MDXCrowdfund

    MDXCrowdfund is Middlesex University’s very own, easy-to-use, crowdfunding platform for students, staff and alumni. The rewards-based crowdfunding platform offers an effective way of raising money for a wide variety of initiatives – including creative projects, business ventures, events, societies or sports clubs, personal ambitions, and much more.

    What is rewards-based crowdfunding?

    In rewards-based crowdfunding, you harness the power of ‘the crowd’ to deliver a project close to your heart. The ‘crowd’ can consist of family, friends, groups or individuals with shared interests, and anybody else keen to support your project. Members of the crowd all make donations of varying sizes, which add up and enable your project to be delivered.

    In return for their support, donors receive a small gift related to your crowdfunding project. These rewards can be anything from a shout out on Facebook or a thank you message in film credits, through to items of monetary value (E.g. T-shirt, CD’s, or tickets to an event).

    What types of projects can I use MDXCrowdfund to raise funds for?

    When it comes to the type of projects eligible for crowdfunding, you can raise funds for virtually anything! Each project is judged on its own goals and merits, and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by the individual or team behind the project.

    Some of the things you make look to crowdfund for, include:

    • Business start-ups / product development
    • Academic or course-related projects (e.g. dissertation and research projects)
    • Creative projects (e.g. short films, EPs, fashion shows, exhibitions, gigs, performances)
    • University societies, sports clubs and events
    • Personal projects and challenges
    • And much more

    Why choose MDXCrowdfund?

    While some of the more well-known crowdfunding platforms may seem appealing, MDXCrowdfund offers a number of distinct advantages including:

    1. £2,500 of funding available for selected student projects. Thanks to Santander, the MDXCrowdfund team has £2,500 to invest in selected student crowdfunding projects featured on MDXCrowdfund this academic year. If your project demonstrates particular entrepreneurial flair, creativity, social impact or contribution to the Middlesex University student community, you could be in with a chance of getting up to £500 of this funding for your crowdfunding campaign.
    2. Get 100% of what you raise. Many other crowdfunding platforms take a percentage of around 8% from the total raised by a crowdfunder for platform and payment processing fees. Middlesex University covers the costs associated with the platform and donation processing so you get 100% of the money you raise.
    3. Dedicated crowdfunding support. Gain 1-2-1 advice from the MDXCrowdfund team on everything from putting together your crowdfunding campaign through to how to promote it and to whom. There are also various links to helpful guides on the platform itself and the team run dedicated workshops on campus throughout the course of the year.
    4. Greater promotion for your campaign. Middlesex University has an extensive network of supporters and social media followers. While it remains up to you to do the promotional legwork for your campaign, Middlesex University uses its own promotional channels to raise awareness of the platform and featured projects, potentially providing you with additional publicity for your campaign.
    5. Heightened trust. The fact MDXCrowdfund is run by a respected university like Middlesex University should help you to reassure your donors that their money will be put to good use.

    Raising funds for your projects with MDXCrowdfund

    Since MDXCrowdfund’s launch, it has helped crowdfunders raise around £28,000 to turn their ideas into reality, most of whom have been students. Now, with the added bonus of the £2,500 Santander match funding pot, the potential for more students to raise funds for their projects is even greater!

    Check out what previous student crowdfunders have to say about MDXCrowdfund below:

    Katie Kelly (BA Business Management) – MDX Matrix!

    BA Business Management student and member of the MDX Matrix Cheerleading team, Katie Kelly is one of MDXCrowdfund’s many successful crowdfunders. Along with her team, she managed to raise £730 to help her cheerleading team participate in competitions.

    Commenting on the success of her crowdfunding campaign, Katie said: “MDXCrowdfund was extremely straightforward and easy-to-use. The website is very well designed so we managed to create our pitch in no time and started raising funds swiftly after. The MDXCrowdfund team were also very helpful in the process. The advice they provided enabled us to create a compelling campaign and this ultimately helped us reach our funding goal.”

    Crowdfunding tips from some of our MDXCrowdfunders

    “Build up a real following prior to your crowdfunding campaign going live so that you have greater scope to engage with potential donors. Use your friends and family to support you, and try to split responsibilities equally between your crowdfunding team. Be open to receiving help and advice from the MDXCrowdfund team as their support is invaluable!” - Hadassa Weil (2017 BA Television Production graduate)

    “Stay motivated and keep the momentum going! Organisation and communication is key throughout your campaign. Keep in touch with the MDXCrowdfund team for guidance and maintain engagement with your audience throughout your campaign. Ensure that your audience is updated with plans for your initiative through social media to build real interest and gain potential donors! Don’t give up!“ - Katie Kelly (Third year BA Business Management student)

    “Plan your campaign well in advance. Sometimes factors such as budgeting may change for your campaign so the more time you have to plan, the more likely you are to efficiently deal with potential issues prior to your campaign launch date. Also, reach out to the MDXCrowdfund team as early as possible into your planning so that you can gain advice on how best to structure your campaign effectively in order to target potential donors most effectively.” - Cristian Pedraza Pena (2018 BA Film graduate)

    Need funding? Then get in touch!

    If you have a project requiring funding, get in touch with MDXCrowdfund team at and find out how you could raise funds through MDXCrowdfund!

    You can also find out more about Middlesex University’s dedicated crowdfunding platform, by visiting

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