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    Graduate's trend for the over 60's

    Olivia Ann May, BA Fashion Textiles

    Olivia Ann May, Middlesex fashion textiles graduate, created a clothing collection to revive the fashion style for the over 60s. She hopes to bring a new sense of style to the wardrobes of Britain's older people and has presented her collection at the University's fashion degree show using three senior models. She received coverage by local newspapers for her exquisite collection.

    Olivia, who is passionate about how older people look and concerned by the ageism which exists in fashion, said: "How the elderly dress is being forgotten about in the fashion industry and the outfits you find on the high street for this age group are boring. I am passionate about how older people look – glamour, sophistication and style are all things I want to bring to their every day dress.

    Women in their 60s and 70s still need a working wardrobe. Generally there is nothing around which can make an older women feel fabulous and this needs to change."

    Commenting on Olivia's Work, 83 year old model Daphne Selfe, said: "It's fantastic! The pieces are suitable for my age, and yet they're colourful and unusual. The colour is lovely, in London we always have so much black, black is a kind of uniform for London, so it's nice to wear some colour for a change."

    Originally from the small north Devon village of Umberleigh, Olivia said: "I moved to London because this is the home of fashion. I would love to open my own boutique here with fashion for elderly women."

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