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    Inspiring student exchange

    Inga Marta Slezak, BA International Tourism Management with Spanish student 

    Studying a year in sunny and hot Spain was amazing! I had the opportunity to explore its exquisite culture - cuisine, music, dance, traditions, and best of all practice my Spanish. I naturally adapted to this wonderful European country, with very different customs to London. Such as their relaxed lifestyle, the midday 'siesta' tradition, and the way they greet each other by kissing in cheeks instead of shaking hands.

    Living in Almeria, the coastal part of Spain, gave me the chance to observe tourism development in depth, which has been valuable to my degree, not to mention all the exchange students I met who had come from other European universities. The University in Spain also organizes loads of activities for exchange students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Content

    I have learned a lot about myself; overcoming my limits; becoming more confident and having a positive attitude, plus this experience looks great on my CV.
    I even had an opportunity to be an extra in a movie coordinated by famous Spanish director and starring with few Spanish celebrities. 
    Overall it was an amazing and highly beneficial experience. I would recommend it to anyone doing international or language degrees.

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