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    Lecturer shares industry expertise

    Natalie Staub, Programme Leader of MA e-Marketing and Social Media

    Natalie Staub, has been engaging with her students through other streams of communication outside the classroom such as Facebook and Twitter, to get them interacting as a learning community online.

    "I enjoy being able to actively tweet and use Facebook to communicate with my students. As they are studying e-marketing and social media, it gives them an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on the subject. Working at Middlesex means I can use my expertise to the benefit of students, such as using my current research on online consumer behaviour, to enrich the knowledge of my students."

    Natalie is currently researching online consumer behaviour, with the aim of better understanding how different segments behave online. Natalie, who was previously a digital marketing consultant for Nestle, uses her knowledge of the industry to enhance the learning of her students, using examples and case studies. She said "I try to develop the programme as much as possible by reaching out to industry contacts. We've got very strong digital marketing experts teaching on the programme, such as the former director of digital from Microsoft, Alistair Frost, teaching the e-marketing strategy module. The programme is run through heavy collaboration with the industry."

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