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    Leroy Dias Dos Santos, Dance Performance graduate

    Middlesex gave me a great foundation to develop my talent as a professional dancer. My course gave me the chance to learn different styles of dance such as ballet and contemporary dance, while improving my academic skills. My teachers really helped me to establish my career as a solo performer and choreographer. I don't think I would be the same person if I hadn't gone to Middlesex.

    I remember having a dance-off in the Forum in my first year which I won! It made me famous on campus!  I had to juggle my studies with doing music videos for artists such as Madonna which was an amazing experience.

    My biggest career highlight has been performing with Kylie Minogue at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and meet artists like Stevie Wonder, Jessie J, Gary Barlow and JLS. I even got to talk to Prince Harry.

    I am also part of the Flawless Dance Group, which was appointed as Ambassadors for Prince's Trust in 2011 was also a great honour. Earlier in my career, I also took part in the movies StreetDance1 and 2 was a pretty great experience.

    In my final year everything from my performance to my body and physical strength had improved. By then I had the confidence to really launch myself into auditions and onto the professional dance scene.

    My final year graduation piece allowed me to showcase what I had learnt in my three years of training. The performance got me signed to a musical theatre agency, as there was a scout in the audience. This opened a big door for me. 

    My advice to students is to be courageous, fearless and confident. When you start something you may not be the greatest but if you work hard, have a clear vision of where you want to go and enjoy what you are doing, you can make it.


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