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    Progress through volunteering

    Leanne Mitchell, BA Fashion Design student and active volunteer

    Studying at Middlesex opens up a multitude of opportunities. For me personally these opportunities came in the form of volunteering and my current role as social media and events manager for the Middlesex Jewish Society.

    I first began to volunteer at RAG (Raise and Give) and at the soup Kitchen, which was an eye-opening experience. It enabled me to volunteer for the wider community. It makes you appreciate what you have in life. I also volunteered to raise money on campus for Children in Need. It is amazing how spending a few hours of your time can make a huge difference.

    I have built my communication skills through organising events for the Middlesex Jewish Society and regular communication with society members. Been a member of this society allows us to feel part of a family, where we can all support each other at Uni. One of the best experiences is when we ran the Jewish Experience Week on campus. We went around offering doughnuts to people in exchange of them asking us a question about Judaism or one fact that they wanted to know about us. This was an ultimate success.

    In addition, I also write for the Online Jewish News on a monthly basis. This permits me to write about any particular topic in which I wish to express my ideologies on. I really love writing the newspaper articles as it permits me to express my individuality.

    My experiences at Middlesex have immensely improved the way I organise my time to balance my responsibilities, such as running a society, keeping up with my studies, being a volunteer at the Student Union, having a part time job and writing for an online newspaper. It has also helped me to make connections within the industry through networking, as my aspiration is to work within the field of fashion be it through design, social media or journalism.

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