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    Sarah's volunteering adventures

    Sarah Lyamani, BA English Literature 

    Volunteering in Uganda was one of the best experiences of my life; the chance to fully immerse myself in another culture and way of life was a blessing. It broadened my mind and made me infinitely more grateful for my life.

    Everyone was overwhelmingly welcoming to us and the kids touched all of our hearts in ways we couldn't have imagined. On top of helping people, it was fun and rewarding on a personal level.

    Middlesex has given me lots of other opportunities to build my skills through volunteering. For example in my role as President of the Middlesex debating society, I have been able to improve my organisation, writing and public speaking skills, and it's boosted my confidence!

    It is a fantastic hobby for understanding new points of view and how to think outside of your own opinion. It forces you to learn about the world around you, from its natural scientific form all the way to its history and current affairs. So far I'm loving it and I'm tremendously excited to see it develop as we grow and compete. 

    I look forward to volunteering at the Soup kitchens that we have organised through Raise and Give (RAG).

    I'm proud to be a student at this University. I can see that it is developing and improving rapidly, and students are becoming increasingly pro-active!


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