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    Scholarship for success

    It feels great to have been rewarded with a 50% postgraduate scholarship from Middlesex for achieving a first class honours in my undergraduate Law degree. 

    It has been a big step moving into postgraduate study and definitely a great experience. It's more work than studying at undergraduate level, and I also work part-time therefore my I have developed strong time-management skills. It's all about deadlines from preparing for seminars to writing coursework. Working in this diverse environment has made me feel a lot more confident in myself.

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    With the help of Middlesex I have had the chance to work with the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales and with professionals who have experience in the legal sector. 

    I also continue to be involved with the University as a Student Ambassador and previously I was a Student Learning Assistant in my second year and a Student Helper welcoming new students on campus. These experiences have really improved my team working and interpersonal skills. 

    I have made some really nice friends through these activities and able to work with amazing staff. I have learnt so many things from people I work with at Middlesex and for me that's what really matters as a student. Its fun and I love it!

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