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    SLA develops her legal career

    Paraskevi Stavrou, Student Learning Assistant in the School of Law

    I was honoured to be offered the role of Student Learning Assistant (SLA) for the Legal Method module, supporting first year Law students with any support they require. I enjoy helping students with course research, essay referencing and moot preparation. This opportunity has made me a more dynamic, motivated and ambitious person.

    Middlesex has given me confidence in myself, which has been particularly important for me as an international student for whom English is a second language. I've enhanced the ability to think on my feet and quickly pick up new ideas and concepts.

    A fascinating part of my experience as an SLA was the chance to work directly with an Immigration judge. I was able to deal first-hand with topics that interest me. The ability to study the law and simultaneously apply it in practice has been particularly helpful.

    I have developed my time management and organisational skills by having to balance my multitude of commitments: academic studies, extra curricular activities, and satisfying the requirements of the role. I have developed a range of transferable skills, including team work, the ability to work under pressure and public speaking. 

    I am convinced that my work as an SLA has been a big step towards my future legal career.

    In addition to my role as an SLA, I am an active member of the ELSA (The European Law Student's Association) society. I take the opportunity to practice my public speaking and debating skills by participating in debates with fellow society members, in issues including politics, ethics and morality.

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