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Community agreement

We all have a responsibility to help keep everyone safe on campus and in our local area. This community agreement is about how we can respect and support each other for the benefit of everyone on Team MDX and beyond. It's also important that we work together to follow national and local guidelines. 

You'll see that we have put safety measures in place across campus. If you have a reason to come to campus, make sure you read through our guidelines on social distancing and hygiene so you're prepared.

When you're there, you'll see signs with more information about the safety measures and what we're asking everyone - staff, students and visitors - to do to support them.

By showing your support for this agreement you're doing your part to protect our student and staff community and the local community around us.

Part of the community agreement is respecting the personal space of your friends, staff, and all others. To help with this, we've introduced coloured wristbands to show what you're comfortable with while on-campus.

When you walk into the Quad, why not pick up a red, yellow, or green wristband.  The colour of your wristband will show what level of contact you're comfortable with - from hugs, only elbow bumps, or avoid close contact altogether.

How MDX keeps us safe

How we keep each other safe

Providing hand sanitisation stations across campus

Wash or sanitise your hands regularly

Supplying information about opportunities for students and staff to get their vaccinations

We strongly encourage all staff and students to get vaccinated (find out more on how to do so)

Making it possible to study, work and engage in extra-curricular activities online when not on campus

Take a COVID-19 test before coming to campus and follow the guidance on notifying us if you test positive.

Providing face coverings and other safety equipment

We strongly recommend that you continue to wear a face covering, especially in crowded or confined spaces. In some spaces, this will be mandatory.

Following an enhanced cleaning programme on campus and providing well ventilated rooms and spaces where possible

Respect others’ personal space and follow recommendations. Find out more wearing a wristband.

Installing clear signage around what is expected and how we can keep each other safe.

Stay in touch with your programme team, keep up to date with Middlesex communications and read and act on new guidance.

Providing regular updates on safety measures and guidelines to keep you safe

Follow government guidance when off campus including when travelling, and when at home with family and friends.

Following government guidance and working to keep the campus open

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