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    My Attendance in MDXapp

    From September 2019, you'll be able to ensure your attendance is recorded more accurately by easily registering your attendance via the MDXapp or myUniHub.

    Checking-in like this also means you'll get alerts to remind you of upcoming classes, lectures and tutorial as well as where they'll be on campus.

    Plus you can track your attendance so if you're doing well, you'll get encouragement and congratulatory messages. Or if you're struggling, we can work with you to make sure you have access to the right support services.

    Check your attendance

    Checking-in to your classes is the new way to register your attendance.

    Download the MDXApp on your phone and after logging in, you'll receive notifications about your upcoming classes. Once you've arrived at your class you can check in and begin your lecture as normal.

    Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use.

    • FAQs

      • How do I check-in?

        Simply download the MDXapp on your phone or tablet, or access the service through MyUniHUb.

        You'll be able to check-in 15 minutes before the start of your session, until 5 minutes after the end of your session. You'll also be sent a reminder if you haven't checked in, 5 minutes before your class starts.

      • Can I check-in if I'm late?

        You'll be sent notifications before your class starts to ensure you don't miss any but if you're running late, check-in will remain open until 5 minutes after the class finishes. You must be in the timetabled location for it to be validated.

      • Can I be refused entry if I am late?

        If you're running late you should still be allowed to join the class. However, you may not be allowed to join if this would breach health and safety requirements (e.g. for laboratory or workshops teaching sessions) or where you're required to be on time. These types of circumstances should be clearly communicated in advance of the teaching session and be included within the module handbook. Try and ensure that you're careful not to disrupt the rest of the class if you do arrive late.

      • How is my check-in verified?

        A check-in is verified or confirmed when you check-in into a timetabled session and you're located in the timetabled room. The check-in will not work if you are elsewhere on campus.

      • Do I need to check out after my class?

        No, the system doesn't require a check out.

      • What happens if I forget my phone or I don't have a smart phone or device?

        You can check-in using a laptop or computer via to myUniHub. Once you've logged in go to the Timetable portlet and click on the MDXapp Webapp link.

        For a valid check-in you must be located in the timetabled room, and check-in 15 minutes before the class starts until 5 minutes after the class finishes.

        Don't worry if you forget your phone or device as one off instances of absence will not be a concern. They system is focusing on your overall percentage of attendance.

      • I have a class/event that is not on the central timetable. Will I be able to check-in to these?

        The check-in service is only for centrally timetabled classes and events. However, this functionality is in development and will be available in future updates.

      • Will I need to download a new app to use this?

        Check-in is available through the MDXApp so once you have downloaded that, no other apps are required.

      • Will you use the app to track my movements on campus?

        Not at all. The location services used to verify your check-in is only active when the app is in use.

      • How will I be informed of concerns about attendance?

        The system allows auto-alerts to be scheduled, with tailored messaging depending on your levels of attendance.

      • How will my tutors and staff know about my levels of attendance?

        The system allows auto-alerts to relevant staff and regular reporting.

      • Why does the University gather attendance data?

        We gather information about your attendance in order to:

        • alert university teams when you may be experiencing academic difficulties or well-being issues, allowing us to offer support
        • monitor attendance against compulsory teaching events
        • ensure you're recorded as registered on University systems and are still attending your studies
        • satisfy Home Office requirements if you hold a Tier 4 Student Visa.
      • What is the attendance policy?
      • Are any other universities using a similar attendance system?

        Loughborough University and the University of Exeter are both using similar attendance systems and we've been in consultation with them throughout the project to ensure we learn from their success.

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