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    Students invited to talk about their film on mental health at City Hall festival

    Thrive LDN have selected a film produced by MDX students Henry Jones and Zack Pitcher to be shown at the World Mental Health Day festival at City Hall on Thursday, 10 October.

    Henry and Zac, who are now in their second year at MDX, produced Stand up don’t man up during their first year as part of the Changing the Culture Initiative. The short campaign film draws attention to the way in which banter among young men can discourage honest and supportive interactions in male friendships. Using some very stark statistics, this film turns perceived banter into something much more serious to help us reconsider the language we use.

    Henry and Jack have also been invited to give a speech about producing their film at the event.

    Many of the films that were produced out of the Changing the Culture initiative by MDX film students were shown at a special event Building Bridges in the Grove back in June. This event brought together industry experts and community partners to meet students and see their work around combatting hate crime, sexual violence and harassment.

    Zack, Henry and their production team have approached something that on the surface can seem like male banter and fun but is actually creates a culture of derisive and abusive language that if left unchecked becomes the norm.

    I think these students have creatively and eloquently tackled this problem head-on and I’m really proud that their work will be contributing to World Mental Health Day festival at City Hall, where it will receive a very wide audience.” Helen Brendon, Director of Programmes for Moving Image

    Another huge achievement for #TeamMDX in our aim towards combatting hate crime, sexual violence and harassment, and opening up about mental health, as a community. Got a #TeamMDX story you want to share? Why not get in touch with

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