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    #TeamMDX academic given grant for research on LGBT+ inclusivity in education

    Delighted to announce that one of our very own academics has been awarded a grant to develop a curriculum that raises awareness about LGBT+ issues

    We'd like to congratulate Alfonso Pezzella, a Mental Health lecturer, who has just been awarded a research grant from Erasmus+ to develop the LGBT+ curriculum in health and social care education.

    Previous research has found that LGBT+ people experience social exclusion while interacting with health and social care providers and that their needs are often overlooked and undervalued. In some cases, they even experience direct discrimination within health and social care environments.

    This new exciting project will build on previous work carried out by the Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe (IENE) and aims to enhance the skills of teachers and trainers regarding LGBT+ issues.  Commenting Alfonso said:

    "Individuals mostly come into contact with health and care staff when they need help and may be vulnerable. This vulnerability could be compounded if people are concerned that they may be judged, discriminated against or not treated fairly."

    The aims are to develop teaching and learning tools to be used by health and social care educators/trainers in order to improve their own knowledge and confidence in teaching LGBT+ issues.

    In May 2020 the research team will pilot a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to support participants in developing an awareness of LGBT+ needs in health and social care across Europe and the world.

    This project builds on the work and programme developed by Irena Papadopoulos, Professor of Transcultural Health and Nursing at Middlesex. The IENE programme was established in 2008 and has since then, received funding from the European Union for eight projects.

    We're all about collaboration here in #TeamMDX, so if you'd like to share your ideas on this project, you can contact Alfonso directly.

    Or follow the project on social media and facebook.

    Find out more about Mental Health and Social Work at Middlesex.

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