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Giorgia Ramella’s ‘Where is home?’

We want to shine a light on your stories, elevating the voices of the #teammdx community. Each month we’ll be sharing different student voices and work to celebrate #TeamMDX.

This week we’re hearing from Giorgia Ramella, an MDX film student who has produced a short film called, ‘Where is home?’

Speaking of her video, Giorgia says, “I believe that this short video challenges the idea of people being put in "boxes" and showing how beautifully complex identity is. It also addresses the question of what home is and how we define it, which varies from a person to another and goes to show that we are in a world where there is more and more diversity, which inevitably makes conversations and debates more interesting.”

Her film is part of a Co-Creation Initiative in Student Support and Wellbeing called GRIOTs.

GRIOTs is a mental health and wellbeing story-telling approach that draws on story-telling methodologies indigenous to Western Africa.  It recognises the power of story-telling in developing shared understanding, belonging, acceptance and as a mechanism for healing through story-telling as a means of being heard and having a voice.  While the tradition originates in Western Africa, Middlesex GRIOTs are open to all members of the University community in recognition of the opportunity for growth, belonging and wellbeing that are inherent within the diverse stories that combine to be the story of the organisation.

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