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MDXMoves is the free-to-use physical activity app for Middlesex University students and staff. It is a platform that tracks your activity, rewards your efforts and challenges you to reach your goals, all in a handy app, which is available for our students and staff to download.

Whether you are walking, running, cycling or swimming, you can earn points for keeping active. You can access the platform by downloading the Moves+ app at the Apple App Store or Google Play and select MDXMoves from the list to join the Middlesex community benefitting from moving more, to get more. Click here for the OpenPlay Moves privacy policy

Download the app

Download the Moves+ app and start earning rewards to get loads of free stuff. Available on Apple app store and Google Play

Move More, Get More with MDXMoves

Use your mobile phone or a fitness tracker to record your steps and start claiming free stuff on campus!

Welcome to MDXMoves, and new for September 2021 is our brand new app. MDXMoves is a handy app that allows you to connect with the Middlesex University community, make friends, stay active and earn free stuff on campus! To put it simply exercise to score MDXMove points. Walk, run, cycle, or anything else to stay active, all activities count! You are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for a variety of goodies from retailers and brands both on and off campus. Get things like free coffees, massage, gym memberships, Amazon vouchers, spot prizes and more.

How does it work?

MDXMoves is compatible with a variety of devices and fitness trackers. You can even use your mobile phone to track your activity. Simply download the app available for apple and android devices and follow the steps. There are also a variety of exciting monthly challenges that you can participate in, invite your friends to join and earn friendship points plus compete against your mates in your own competitions and more.

What can I earn?

MDXMoves rewards include a variety of items on campus such as free food, coffee, massage, gym memberships and lots lots more. There are also offers from a wide range of high street and online retailers and sports brands. Ultimately, the choice of what to redeem is yours, just remember, the more you move, the more you get! (Please note our rewards are for Middlesex University students and staff only). Please note all users MDXMoves points are reset at the end of August each academic year.

How do I join?

MDXMoves is the biggest active community at Middlesex, so get moving more and earn more. Sign up for free today or contact t.hannan@mdx.ac.uk for more information.

What do we get out of it?

Many people ask, 'What do you get out of it'? meaning us the sports team at Middlesex University. Here in the sport & recreation service we don't get any physical or monetary rewards for encouraging you to join MDXMoves. Our reward is simply knowing that we are helping you be a little healthier by getting involved. No catch! Just love.

Top Tips for users- Syncing errors etc

The document below outlines some of the key issues experienced by users and clients and steps to resolve each case.

Data is automatically sent from your device, to MDXMoves at the end of each day, where your points are automatically calculated by the system. In order to keep your device tracking your activity, you must open your chosen app (withings/ strava/ fitbit etc) on your phone to make sure you are collecting the latest data. This way your latest achievements are synced and sent your MDXMoves account. You also need to open your Moves+ app regularly to make sure it is active. Checking both your moves+ app and your tracker daily is recommended. MDXMoves is a wellbeing initiative run by the Sport & Rercreation team at the university, and is an initiative to help our students and staff be more motivated to move. The rewards are a gesture of our goodwill in supporting our members to be more active, and although we do our best to deliver prizes and rewards, this sometimes may not be possible.

Some users have experienced their 'app not recording or syncing data'. This is where a user has let the app lie dormant for a few weeks, and so it momentarily stops recording data. We do our best to recover data, but in some cases data cannot be recovered. If you are experiencing any issues with syncing data please contact t.hannan@mdx.ac.uk

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