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    Move More, Get More with MDXMoves

    Use your mobile phone to track your steps- It's that simple!

    Welcome to our wellbeing initiative MDXMoves. To put it simply exercise to score MDXMove points. Walk, run, cycle, or anything else to stay active, all activities count! You are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for a variety of goodies from retailers and brands both on and off campus. Get things like free coffees, massage, gym memberships, Graze boxes and more.

    Sign up for Free and start earning rewards to get loads of free stuff.

    How to sync your tracker or connect your phone as a tracker

    • Fit Bit or Garmin devices. If using one of the branded Fit Bit activity trackers go you your MDX Moves account. Click on MY ACCOUNT and drop down to Connections. Click Connect and follow the steps with your Fit Bit.
    • Using your phone as a tracker: If using your mobile phone we recommend Nokia Health mate otherwise known as Withings Health Mate app from iTunes or Googleplay.
      • Download the Withings Health Mate app and follow all the instructions and set up your account. Once registered, open the app and click the profile tab. Scroll down to 'apps' and tick your phones health tracker (eg Apple Health). This will open up apple health and click all categories on (this will allow withings to pull all the data from your phone.
      • Log in to your MDXMoves account. Click 'My Account' and open up 'Connections'. Scroll down to 'Withings' and click connect. This will now pull all data from your phone to MDXMoves account.

    There are also a variety of exciting challenges that you can participate in, create you own challenges, invite your friends to join and compete against your mates in your own competitions and more.

    How does it work?

    MDXMoves is compatible with a variety of devices and fitness trackers. You can even use your mobile phone to track your activity.  Sign up, sync your device to your online account and start accumulating points. If you plan on using your mobile phone as a fitness tracker we recommend you use Nokia Health Mate, otherwise known as 'Withings Health Mate' app to track your activity. Only connect one device at a time.

    What can I earn?

    MDXMoves rewards are varied, but include vouchers and offers from a wide range of high street and online retailers and sports brands, alongside a host of exclusive MDX merchandise, products and discounts.

    Ultimately, the choice of what to redeem is yours, just remember, the more you move, the more you get!

    How do I join?

    MDXMoves is the biggest active community at Middlesex, so get moving more and earn more. Sign up for free today or contact for more information. See our brief instruction guide below of how to set up you phone or fitness tracker to sync with MDXMoves.

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