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Coaching and volunteering


About sports volunteering

The sports team at Middlesex University have a variety of volunteering opportunities available for you to get involved in. Whether it be helping out at our Holiday Kids Camps during school holidays or helping out at larger events like the London Marathon or one of our volunteer experiences abroad.

We can help you become a qualified sports coach and even arrange volunteering opportunities for you. Sports coaching is a great way to learn new skills, and many students gain paid employment whilst studying at University through starting out as a volunteer sports coach. Our Coach Education programme can provide you with the opportunity to undertake a coaching course for free and then arrange a placement for you to practice your newfound skills.

If you like travel and really want to put your coaching skills to the test you may want to consider our overseas volunteering opportunities to Mauritius, Gambia, China and other destinations with our Wellbeing Foundation.

Sports Coach Ambassador scheme

MDX Sport has launched a Sports Coach Ambassador Scheme for students (studying any discipline) to gain a free* recognised sports coaching qualification, and we’ll offer you the opportunity to gain experience delivering coaching with your new qualification.

How the programme works:

  • Complete the application form
  • Provide us with the details of the specific course (Normally NGB Level 1 or possibly Level 2) you’d like to attend. This would normally be a link to the NGB webpage where the course details are displayed.
  • We will then pay for the course (normally this is up to £300 maximum).
  • After you’ve completed the course, we will provide you with the opportunity to deliver 10 hours of coaching, either with a University sports team, or a local sports / education/ youth club organisation.
  • These coaching hours would give you valuable experience of coaching to enhance your skills and experience. You wouldn’t be paid for these 10 hours but we could assist with transport to venues off campus.

Eligible Coaching Courses:

Most National Governing Bodies in the UK have a programme of coach education courses. We will consider all recognised sports, but are particularly interested in sports which our students compete in. These include Football, Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Netball, Tennis, Rugby.

How to apply

Simply download and complete the Sports Coach Ambassador application form and return it to Mel Parker, Head of Sport and Recreation.

Volunteer abroad

The Wellbeing Foundation at Middlesex University provides International placement and volunteering opportunities. Very often the challenge and excitement of an overseas trip can bring out the best in our students. Previous students have enjoyed participating in trips to overseas countries including, Sport Gambia, coaching and teaching in China, and development trips to Mauritius.

There are plans to undertake another trip to Mauritius in May 2023.  Applications will need to be received by 31 January 2023.

For information on these exciting opportunities please contact Mel Parker, Head of Sport at m.parker@mdx.ac.uk .

2 x Social Media Interns wanted

We are looking for enthusiastic social media savvy interns who can help us create lively engaging content for our social media pages.

  • creating engaging and exciting content for our social media pages to drive engagaement
  • co-ordinating social media campaigns in line with university events
  • attending sports events on campus and helping to create a 'buzz' around activities such as healthy campus week, VC cup and MDXMoves challenges
  • engaging more students university wide to engage with mdx sport content
  • creating and using relevant and timely hashtags and campaigns to widen awarenes and engagement
  • supporting the sports department to help promote activities, courses, events and challenges via social media platforms

For more information on the role and how to apply please contact t.hannan@mdx.ac.uk


For all enquiries regarding Courses, Coaching and Sports Volunteering please contact Mel Parker Head of Sport on 020 8411 5893. or email m.parker@mdx.ac.uk .

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