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COVID-19 – Latest MDX updates and FAQs
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Frequently asked questions

Print facilities are available in all buildings across Campus.   However, not all buildings open and close at the same time and during term time, the Sheppard Library is open 24/7.   Whilst this gives you flexible options for study space, it does mean that staff are not always on hand to give assistance and so listed below are a variety of  'frequently asked questions' which may give you guidance until further help is at hand.

  • Printing FAQ

    • Once I have sent my work to print how long will it stay on the University system?

      Your work will stay on the system for 12 hours.

    • I have forgotten my student card – can I still print/copy/scan?

      Yes, press the "log in" button and tap in your User ID and Password details via the keyboard as you did when registering your card with the printers for the first time.

    • Why am I unable to print a JPG/PDF directly from my USB?

      If you’ve created your documents on a Mac it’s likely that you will see a dot and an underscore prior to the job title (in fact, this applies to any file!)  This is known as a temporary file and therefore will not print.  Steps to resolve…  scroll down your list of files and you’ll find the same job but without the dot and underscore.

    • Can I send work to an alternative email address – i.e. my Hotmail account?

      No. The scan to mail function allows documents to be sent to your University email only but from there you can forward to an alternative email address.

    • What type of Printers are in the Library – Laserjet or Inkjet?

      All the student printers in the Library and across Campus are Laserjet.

    • My job will not print and it is a standard A4 document

      Check the paper size at the PC in page set up.  If the person using the computer before you has changed the paper size it is likely that it has held onto the new setting.

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