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Welcome to the Global Challenge Initiative

Established in 2023 and co-led by the Chair of Postgraduate Research, the Theme Directors and the MDX Dubai Office of Research, the Global Challenge Initiative: Knowledge into Action Lab is a forum that brings together researchers from all disciplines to reflect on the impact of their work in the world, to hear from inspirational speakers and collaborate with peers to respond to real-life challenges.

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Our purpose is to create knowledge and put it into action to develop fairer, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable societies

Middlesex University Strategy to 2031

The Knowledge into Action Lab (KiA) provides insights, new perspectives, and meaningful ways of addressing societal challenges and their framings across the three core Themes of the Middlesex strategy.

The event foregrounds the critical role that Higher Education has in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals through the lens of local partners, highlighting the value researchers can bring to governments, business and wider society (SDG Accord).

The 3-day immersive event provides opportunities to learn about, experience and undertake interdisciplinary and impactful research. Participants will work in collaboration to respond to provocations set out by external stakeholders such that established research interests and know-how are expanded and applied in creative and innovate ways. The aim is to generate potentially unexpected, yet tangible, insights and solutions to real problems - offering pathways to fairer, healthier, more prosperous, and sustainable societies.

Open to postgraduate researchers and faculty from across our global and partner campuses.

The KiA Lab includes:

  • Inspirational talks by renowned speakers
  • Provocations from external stakeholders
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Small-group collaborative working using ‘co-design’, ‘open-space’ and STEAM methodologies (amongst others)
  • Facilitated networking and social spaces

Challenging, generative, collaborative:

  • Postgraduate Researchers and Faculty participants will collaborate with external stakeholders to address real-world problems that societal actors are grappling with.
  • Participants will be challenged to reconsider and redirect their specialist knowledge – to apply and adapt their research within a creative, engaging and interdisciplinary environment.
  • The Lab will generate tangible solutions and outcomes that may be immediately realisable, unexpected or the basis for further research.
  • The Lab will showcase the added value Middlesex can bring to external organizations. This is not an exercise in contract research but rather a generative dialogue between societal questions and challenges and critical, interdisciplinary, creative and innovative research.

Use the links below to find out about the speakers, the programme and access the FAQs sheet

Chair of Postgraduate Research

The KiA Lab is co-led by the Chair of PgR, Prof Vida Midgelow. Vida is Professor of Dance and Choreographic Practices and provides leadership for the research provision at Middlesex University and our partner institutions.

Our Integrating Themes

The KiA Lab is oriented around the three strategic themes: equity and improvements in health and wellbeing; inclusive socio-economic development and enriching lives through culture; and sustainability of communities and the environment. Our theme directors, or else known as the T3 Team, lead and coordinate the work across our three themes.

These are three areas of focus for our global community of academics, professional services, students and alumni. We are passionate and committed to making a significant impact and contribution to global challenges within these domains. They are organising principles for our Middlesex journey to becoming a University that values and exploits our expertise in a more inter-disciplinary, collaborative and coordinated way.

Explore the integrating themes

Meet the T3 Team!

MDX Theme Directors oversee the development of activity across our the three integrating themes of our 2031 strategy

Office of Research at Middlesex Dubai

The KiA Lab is organised in collaboration with Middlesex Dubai and our colleagues at the Office of Research. A provocation talk as  well as a workshop will be delivered by colleagues in Dubai and livestreamed or made available through appropriate channels to all attendees.

We are starting the summer with a Research Festival at Middlesex! Find out more on how to participate in our twin event:

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