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    Cause for Concern Procedure

    For most students, University life is a rich and fulfilling experience; however for others, issues around their health, conduct and wellbeing may impact on their ability to study. Student support services at Middlesex University are accessible to all students and provide a wide range of pastoral care and support. However, there are times when intervention by staff or other students is required.

    The Cause for Concern Procedure has been designed to provide all University staff and students with simple and clear guidance on what to do should they be concerned about a student. The Cause for Concern Procedure should be followed for concerns such as health, wellbeing, conduct, safety or vulnerability which can affect a student’s academic engagement.

    The Cause for Concern Procedure and accompanying flowchart show the three stage approach:

    Stage 1 – Identification of a concern

    If you are concerned about a fellow student you are encouraged to take note and seek advice.

    Stage 2 – Referral, information gathering and decision

    Report any concerns by calling the University on 0208 411 6200 and asking to speak to the Duty Safeguarding Officer. Safeguarding Officers are on duty Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Alternatively email:

    Stage 3 – Follow University policy or procedure

    The outcome following stage 2 of the procedure will be to follow one of the following policies and/or procedures:

    • Fitness to Study Policy – this policy addresses concerns that a student’s health is disrupting their own studies, the studies of others or is placing unreasonable demands on staff or other students;
    • Fitness for Practice – this policy addresses concerns that a student on a professionally recognised programme is not meeting the professional expectations required for progression to registration or enhanced status with a professional body;
    • Safeguarding Policy and Procedure – this policy and procedure describes how the University meets its statutory obligation to safeguard the wellbeing of under-18s and adults at risk on campus and/or whilst engaged in University activity;
    • Student Conduct and Discipline Procedure – this procedure, which forms part of the University’s regulations, describes the process for dealing with allegations of non-academic misconduct.

    Information Sharing

    The University’s Information Sharing Policy and Information Sharing Code of Practice explain the process by which information can be shared.

    Prevent Duty briefing note

    The Cause for Concern procedure and safeguarding policies of the University also relate to our Prevent Duty briefing note.

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