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Changes to your study

Changes to your study

Are You Considering Making Changes to Your Study?

Here at Middlesex, we understand that students may experience a change in their personal circumstances, at some point during their student journey, which may lead to wanting to make changes to your study. We recognise that this can be a challenging time and we have a team of expert professional staff on hand to advise and support you in navigating this period in your life, the impact it may be having on your studies and all the available options and implications of making a change to your study.

The Progression and Support team can help you navigate this process and understand the implications (such as financial or academic) of making a change to your study.

In the first instance, we encourage you to meet with your Academic Advisor or Programme Leader/Supervisor, (see your key contacts via your myUnihub) as sound academic advice may assist you in your decision making. They may also refer you to professional services who may be better placed to advise and support you during a difficult period in your life.

There are several options that you may wish to consider and explore.

  • Changing your course or your mode of study?

Find out how to make changes to your programme. The Progression & Support team can help you to navigate this process and to better understand the academic and financial implications of making a change to your study.

If you are considering a change of programme or mode of study, please click on the links below. We encourage you to check the programme specification and entry requirements of the course you are interested in before you submit a change of programme form. If you are not sure if you meet the admission requirements of the new course, please do not worry as we can check this for you upon submission of your request.

You can search all available Middlesex courses via the link below:

Middlesex University Courses

To submit a request a change form, you need to use the links below which will take you to a login page for myUniHub. Once you have logged in, you will find the form you require in the My Admin and Finance section under the heading Letters and Forms.

Request a Change of Course (Transfer Programme)

Request a Change of Mode (Full-time/Part-time study)

Please note: it may not be possible to make an immediate change to your programme or mode of study upon request. In some instances, you will have to consider whether you would like to complete your current year of study before making any changes or alternatively you can take a break from study (temporary withdrawal) with a view to return the following academic year on a new programme or mode of study - for changes of programme, this of course will be subject to you meeting the entry requirements of the new course.

The Progression & Support Team will be able to advise you on your options upon submission of one of the request forms above, and help you to understand the implications (financial or academic) of making a change to your study.

  • Taking a break from studies or leaving the University

If you are considering taking a temporary withdrawal (interruption) or leaving the University permanently, please read through the information via the link below which also includes fee liability dates before submitting a request to interrupt or withdraw from study.

Find out what you need to do if you are thinking of interrupting or withdrawing from your studies and what will happen to your fees and funding

Find out more

Submitting a request to withdraw from study is the beginning of the process. If we are unable to contact you, we will not be able to process your request to interrupt or withdraw from study. Therefore, you will continue as a registered and enrolled student with the requirements to engage with studies, complete assessments and pay tuition fees. This will be the case even if you have stopped engaging and attending following submission of a request to withdraw form.

Request to temporarily withdraw from study
(Taking time out from studies /Interrupt study/ Temporarily withdraw)

Temporarily withdraw

Request to permanently withdraw from study
(Leaving the university or transferring to another university (Permanently withdraw)

Permanently withdraw

Please note: A Progression and Support Adviser will contact you on your preferred telephone number after submission of your request form and before we are able to confirm and process your interruption or withdrawal - please make every effort to take or return our call.  It is important that we speak to you because we have to make you aware of the academic and financial implications of taking an interruption or withdrawal from study.

Whilst you are on an interruption of study you will still have access to MDX resources and will be able to:

Access the Library using their student card

Access the Library’s online e-resources
(journals, ebooks, databases etc)

Log-in to a library computer

Borrow books from the Library

Make use of the free printing in the library

Make use of the Library buddy scheme

Login to myUniHub

Make use of the support for requesting accessible
book formats (for resources relevant to their
current studies).

  • Important Information & advice for international students

If you're studying at Middlesex under a student route visa (formerly Tier 4 visa) you will need to obtain permission before making any changes to the way you study. The Progression & Support Team and International Student Advice Team can help you to navigate the process and to better understand the visa, academic and financial implications of making a change to your study.

If you are studying with us on a student route visa, making a change to your study may impact the status of your visa.

We therefore strongly suggest that you read through the information via the following links and also contact our International Student Advice Team before submitting a request to make changes to your study.

Changing your programme

Leaving your studies

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Change to study forms are not working for me, what should I do?

      Please contact UniHelp as they can troubleshoot potential technical issues with the form.

    • How soon can I enrol for my new course?

      If your course starts in the Autumn term (September/October), enrolment will open in early September. If your course starts in the Winter term (January), enrolment will open in early January. Please enrol as soon as possible to avoid any disruption to your study.

      For enrolment queries please contact UniHelp.

    • Will I be awarded a qualification for the years I have completed if I withdraw from my course?

      If you are considering withdrawing from your course, you may be eligible for an exit award depending on the amount of module credits you have successfully completed.  If you think that you are eligible for an exit award please contact UniHelp.

    • Is there a deadline to submit a request to interrupt or withdraw from study?

      You can request to withdraw or take an interruption from study any time during the teaching year. You can find out when the teaching year starts and ends on the academic calendar.

    • Can my I carry over my completed module credits to another course?

      A transfer of module credits will only be considered by a Programme Leader if the modules you have studied on your current course are the same as the modules on your new course.  This could be the case if you are requesting a programme pathway transfer after successful completion of your first year of study. For example: transferring in Year two from one Business Management pathway to Year 2 of another Business Management pathway. Transfer of module credit is unlikely if you are changing to a completely new subject area. Please note: programme pathways transfers are generally only considered for Year 2 of study.

    • How long can I interrupt my studies for?

      You can interrupt your study for one academic year at a time.

      A further consecutive request to interrupt from study will need to be considered and approved by your Programme Leader.

      Please note that a period of interruption will count as a year of study and so we will let you know if you are at risk of exceeding your maximum length of registration period upon receiving your request to interrupt from study.

    • I have been withdrawn from my course without requesting this - who can I speak to?

      The university may withdraw a student from study in line with University Regulations and Policy. A forced withdrawal may be due to a number of reasons, such as:

      • a continued lack of attendance and engagement
      • unpaid tuition fees
      • following academic failure.
      • misconduct

      If you have been withdrawn and you are not sure why this has happened, please contact us so that we can investigate your situation and advise you on possible next steps. Please book an appointment with your Progression & Support team.

    • What happens to my student accommodation if I take an interruption of study or withdraw permanently form my course?

      Please contact the accommodation team for more information

    • Will interrupting my study or withdrawing from study impact my fees and funding?

      There may be financial implications if you interrupt or withdraw from study... Please see the fee liability dates depending on when you started your course: https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/support/fees-payments-funding/fees/withdrawal-and-interruptions

      For funding and financial support advice please contact the Student Welfare and Advice Team

How Can I Contact The Progression And Support Team?

You can book an online consultation with Progression & Support team. Please be sure to book in with the correct Faculty team. if you are not sure which faculty your programme is aligned to you can speak with Unihelp on 020 8411 6060

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