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How do I register with The Uni Doctor?

Registering with a General Practitioner (GP) – a doctor – close to your term time address, and making sure that your vaccinations for Meningitis, MMR and COVID-19 are up to date, is one of the most important things you can do when you start University. Find out how to register with The Uni Doctor – our partner GP based in Wembley – that any MDX student living in London can register with. If you are still abroad but are planning to come to London, you can register now – it’s one less thing to do when you arrive!  Find out more here

Looking after your health - MDX Sports & Fitness

To succeed in your studies, you need the right self-care tools and support in place.

The Sport & Recreation Service are here to support your general Wellbeing while you’re a student at Middlesex University and they organise a range of free activities to help you maintain an active lifestyle.

Tune in for advice on what you can be doing throughout your journey at MDX, to help take care of your health, development, and wellbeing.

Proactive health and self-care

Registering with a GP (a doctor) is a great way to look after yourself proactively. It means that you have support in place should you become unwell at any point through your student journey.

Learn more about the Counselling & Mental Health service

During your time at Middlesex you will come into contact with some of our Student Support teams as a normal part of your studies.

You might also need some additional support during your time with us, such as Counselling support

  • Your wellbeing: In it together, with #TeamMDX

    We are a global community, but we all share the same goal of looking after ourselves and looking after each other. Hear from current students about ways in which they are looking after their wellbeing, in their own languages! Find out more here

  • Raising awareness- DDS

    Our Disability and Dyslexia Service arranges support packages for students affected by disability, specific learning difficulties or medical conditions to ensure equality of opportunity.

    Watch this video to find out more about the support available and how to access it:

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